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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Housing Bureau

Solving the unmet housing needs of the people of Portland.

Phone: 503-823-2375

fax: 503-823-2387

421 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 500, Portland, OR 97204

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1. Who is eligible to receive Relocation Assistance?

Renters who live in dwelling units which are subject to the Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and are within the City of Portland (check here to see if your property is within the Portland city limits) can become eligible for Relocation Assistance through any of four potential "Triggering Events": 

  1. A no-cause eviction notice, which is a termination of a Rental Agreement for reasons outside the Tenant’s control or where no reason is given.
  2. A Rent increase or series of Rent increases totaling 10% or more over any 12-month period.
  3. A substantial change in the terms of their lease, creating costs or burdens which are under the control of the Landlord and hinder the Tenant’s ability to live in the unit. Changes in Rent* or Associated Housing Costs** and expiration of Rent concessions are NOT considered substantial changes to a lease, although Rent increases of 10% or more over any 12-month period are a separate Triggering Event (see above).
  4. Their lease expiring, with their Rental Agreement terminating upon expiration and no option being given to renew or replace the lease.

In limited circumstances, Landlords may obtain exemptions to the requirement to pay Relocation Assistance (see Question #4 for more information). 

* For a definition of Rent, see ORS 90.100

** For a definition of Associated Housing Costs, see PCC 30.01.030