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RFP Questions & Answers

Homeownership Asset Preservation Pilot Program RFP:
Questions & Answers from August 27 & September 10, 2019 Information Session

Last updated Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Date Question Answer
08/27/2019 What is the focus of the Homeownership Asset Preservation Pilot Program services? The focus of the Homeownership Asset Preservation Pilot Program funding is to provide legal services that will help facilitate and remove barriers to intergenerational property transfers for low-to-moderate income homeowners of color who have owned their homes in North and Northeast Portland for 20+ years. Legal estate planning services (the creation of wills or trusts) are required and should be the focus of the legal services. See page 7 of the RFP for examples of other eligible legal services that can address threats to homeownership asset preservation.
08/27/2019 What are Housing Advocacy Services and how do they relate to the required legal services for homeownership asset preservation? While the primary focus of the pilot program is to help facilitate and remove barriers to intergenerational property transfers through legal services, households will likely have other challenges and barriers to maintaining homeownership that the pilot program aims to help address through Housing Advocacy Services. In addition to legal services, every household served should also receive Housing Advocacy Services which would include: Housing Stability Action Plan with a housing needs assessment and screening and referrals to other housing resources (for example property tax deferral program, utility assistance, home repair grants, etc.). The program should facilitate access to other housing services by helping clients complete applications and by making calls to referral agencies on clients’ behalf as needed.
08/27/2019 Will awards of less than $200,000 be made? PHB intends to award the full $200,000 to the selected organization (or a collaboration between two entities). PHB may consider proposals for less than $200,000 but highly recommends applying for the full $200,000 in order to meet the minimum output requirements. See page 4 of the RFP for more information.
08/27/2019 Is direct financial assistance to clients an allowable activity and eligible expense? No, direct financial assistance to clients is not an allowable activity and is not an eligible expense. See pages 6 and 7 for required activities and page 15 for types of eligible expenses.
08/27/2019 When does PHB plan to decide about whether to provide additional funding for the pilot program past June 30, 2021? PHB will work with the selected agency to evaluate the pilot program after the first six months of service delivery (June 2020). Based on the results of the evaluation, PHB will decide whether to recommend additional program funding for FY21-22. There is no guarantee that success of the pilot program will result in additional PHB funding.
09/10/2019 Why is the service area restricted to the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area and N/NE Study Area? PHB’s 2015‐16 and recent 2019 community outreach undertaken as part of the N/NE Neighborhood Housing Strategy uncovered issues such as intergenerational property transfers, complicated real estate titles, unpaid taxes, penalties and fees, and predatory loans that were affecting long‐time low‐to‐moderate‐income homeowners’ ability to remain in their homes. The N/NE Oversight Committee advocated for funding to address the identified issues which resulted in the creation of the Homeownership Asset Preservation Pilot Program RFP. The Pilot Program is restricted to the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area and N/NE Study Area because that is the focus area of the N/NE Neighborhood Housing Strategy. (See page 4 of the RFP for more
09/10/2019 How does PHB define households “served” for the Homeownership Asset Preservation Pilot Program? The intention of the Pilot Program is to provide legal services for estate planning and/or other legal services for homeownership asset preservation and housing advocacy services (e.g. creation of a housing stability action plan, referrals, etc.) for a minimum of 45 households. The outcome target is 80% of households served (36 households) will have legal barriers to homeownership asset preservation addressed through legal services. Additional output and outcome goals to be determined by PHB and the selected proposer during the contract negotiation process. (See page 7 of the RFP for more information).