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Community Policing Spotlight

Community Policing Spotlight: August 18, 2017

Walking Beat, National Night Out, Brain Tumor Walk and Senior Center Visits

Officers are involved in Community engagement continually throughout their day, however, the following list briefly captures larger events:

Community Policing - Directed Patrol

Central Precinct, August 13, 2017
Officers assigned to address livability issues in the Old Town area contacted numerous residents and talked to people about their needs.  They handed out 22 area service cards and made four arrests.  It was also a good community engagement opportunity and officers gave out stickers and Slurpee coupons.

Quad Squad Round 3
North Precinct, August 11, 2017

Officers provided law enforcement services around North and Northeast Portland on ATVs. With the help of the Public Spaces Outreach and Management grant, PPB was again able to show a presence in many of Portland's parks including Dawson, Farragut, Kenton, Cathedral, McCoy and Peninsular.

Elder Crimes Unit/APS/Elders in Action Visit Senior Centers for National Night Out
Family Services, August 11, 2017

The Elder Crime Unit, Adult Protective Services and Elders in Action  participated in the National Night Out by visiting three senior centers in the Portland area. At each location, a brief introduction was given outlining NNO and PPB's participation and the resources/helps these teams had to offer.

Community Engagement – Brain Tumor Walk
Traffic, August 6, 2017

Several members of the Traffic Division assisted with the annual Brain Tumor walk in downtown Portland. The event began and ended in PCS, utilizing and out and back along NW Naito Parkway. This 5k event is a non-competitive walking route which allowed members of the Traffic Division to have some extra time to spend time and talk with participants as they supported this great fundraising event.

National Night Out - Helensview Neighborhood 
North Precinct, August 5, 2017

North Precinct officers and supervisors attended the National Night Out event for the Helensview Neighborhood Association. This neighborhood is primarily Habitat for Humanity homes, with recent immigrants residing next door to longtime residents. Among the 40 homeowners, there are six primary languages spoken.

There was a lot of discussions revolving around the homeless camps and RV's in the area were had and the assembled group expressed appreciation for the difficult job officers do.

Walking Beat Round Up
North Precinct, August 5, 2017

Officers provide patrols of the overall Lloyd District, including Holladay Park. Several people thanked the officers. 

Community Policing Spotlight: July 28, 2017

Cop for a Day, Ronald McDonald House, BBQ in Holladay Park and ATV Patrols

Officers are involved in Community engagement continually throughout their day, however, the following list briefly captures larger events: 

SEI summer program finale
Chief’s Office, June 27, 2017

In response to an invitation by SEI Chief Operating Officer Libra Forde, Chief Marshman and North Precinct NRT took part in the SEI end of summer program assembly at the SEI campus. During the assembly, Chief Marshman congratulated the 450 students for making the 4-week commitment and positive choice to attend summer camp.

Community Engagement- Preparedness Fair
Traffic Division: July 26, 2017

The Emergency Management Unit participated in the 1st Annual Preparedness Fair at Cherry Wood Retirement Community. Police Emergency Management collaborated with American Medical Response to conduct a presentation for community members encouraging them to develop a personal and community preparedness plan. The presentation was well-received and members of the community were very satisfied with police presence at the fair.

East Precinct: Cop for a Day Event
East Precinct: July 22, 2017

For the past several years, the Portland Police Bureau has donated an auction package to Glencoe Elementary School's Glencoe Foundation, a non profit organization that raises money for critical educational needs to assure a higher learning for their students. The package is advertised as a "Cop for Day," promising and fun filled day for a lucky family to hang with best the Portland Police Bureau has to offer. This year, a team of East Precinct officers organized the event, which was well-received.

Community engagement - Ronald McDonald House
North Precinct: July 20, 2017

Officers from North Precinct partnered with volunteers from Umpqua Bank to cook BBQ lunch and dinner for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House at Emanuel/Randall children's hospital. Officers also showed off a police car to interested kids (and adults) during the lunch hours. The event gave officers an opportunity to interact not only with vulnerable community members, but also build rapport with Umpqua bank employees.

BBQ in Holladay Park
North Precinct: July 20, 2017

Members of North precinct partnered up with "Connected" and the Parks Bureau and put on a large BBQ. Members of North precinct BBQ'd over 300 hamburgers and 300 hotdogs for anyone who walked through the park. Hundreds of community members attended the event as they listened to music and played in the water fountain. This is the second time the Police Bureau participated in this event. More BBQ's are being planned.

Quad Squad Part Deux & PSU Survey Partnership Continues
North Precinct: July 20, 2017

Officers rode around North and Northeast Portland on ATVs. With the help of the Public Spaces Outreach and Management grant, PPB was able to show a presence in many of Portland's parks including Farragut, Kenton, Columbia, St. John's, Pier, McCoy and Peninsular Park. Most of these parks had representatives from the Portland Public School lunch program that provides free lunches for local children throughout the summer. Numerous community members also approached the team of Officers thanking them for their service and their presence.

Community Policing Spotlight: July 21, 2017

Skateboarding, Basketball, Walking Beats and Randall Childrens Hospital

Officers are involved in Community engagement continually throughout their day, however, the following list briefly captures larger events:

Youth Services: July 20, 2017

TLC-TNT is a camp where approximately 50 children are paired with 50 high school and college-age mentors to engage in a variety of activities that promote self-esteem through academics and recreation, with a focus on building self-worth, self-discipline and educational success. Over a three-week period, Youth Services Division Officers were involved to both address the mentors' safety and security concerns, and also build positive relationships with the children who attend. 

New Friends with Belmont Academy
East Precinct, July 20, 2017

On Thursday, July 20, 2017, Sergeant Tim Sessions had the pleasure of partnering with more than 20 Belmont Academy students and three of their teachers at East Precinct. The student’s ages ranged from 5 to 11 years of. The new partners were given a tour of East Precinct along with the Mobile Command Center and a marked patrol car. The students invited Sgt. Sessions to join them next week when they visit OMSI.

Skate and Relate
East Precinct: July 19, 2017

As part of East E relief's community engagement effort, officers attended the Rosewood Initiative's Skate and Relate camp in the parking lot at 162/Stark. Organizers coned off part of the lot and set up ramps and provided skateboards and safety gear for the kids to try their hand at the sport. Officers handed out stickers, which the kids wore proudly on their shirts. Officers even tried out the boards (only on the flat pavement)!

East Precinct: July 19, 2017

East Precinct E relief is partnering with Rosewood Initiative to engage the community throughout the summer. Ofc Adi Ramic attended Rosewood's Tuesday Night Basketball club night at the Friends of the Children building. He shot hoops with the kids and answered their questions. The kids were nervous to talk to him at first, but by the end they were enjoying peppering him with questions.

Ongoing efforts at Laurelhurst Community
Central Precinct: July 18, 2017

In Central Precinct's ongoing efforts to improve the livability in and around the Laurelhurst Park community, officers were assigned to a detail and remained in the neighborhood to address all conditions that lead to crime. 

There were lots of community members in the park enjoying the weather and watching their children play in the park.

Officers also observed various piles of abandoned property in the park, including drugs and drug paraphernalia in plain sight. Numerous children were playing in the park within 50' of this abandoned property and drugs. There were various groups of individuals clearly camping in the park. One had a mattress in the park.

 On the streets and sidewalks surrounding the park, there were also large volumes of property on the public rights of way. There were individuals clearly camping in their vehicles with property strewn about their vehicles on the street and sidewalk. 

Officers called assistance with the abatement of nuisance properties on the public rights of way. Many people immediately responded by taking their things and leaving the area. People were given area service cards, but all of them refused any offers of services. 

Numerous community members stopped to thank police for addressing these livability issues and expressed support for these efforts to continue.

Ankeny Alley high visibility patrol
Central Precinct: July 19, 2017

Officers from Central Precinct performed a high visibility foot patrol in the area of Ankeny Alley. Officers talked with local tavern employees, encouraged quarrelling revelers to resolve their disputes, and provided a highly visible presence. Several community members approached the officers to discuss how thankful they were for the police presence in the area and report their experiences with area unsheltered persons disregard for law and order. 

Laurelhurst Livability Details
Central Precinct: July 17, 2017

On July 17, 2017, Central Precinct assigned a detail of officers to address livability issues in and around Laurelhurst Park. During the course of this detail, officers contacted around 60 people, many of them enjoying the "Funday Monday" event. The goal of this detail was to ensure that this event occurred without the drinking, drug use, and other crimes that have occurred in the past.   

Randall Childrens Hospital
North Precinct: July 15, 2017

Officers from North Precinct, the Portland Fire Bureau, and the Explosive Disposal Unit participated in a reunion for children who previously spent time in the NICU at Randall Childrens Hospital. There were several vendors there to help celebrate the event. All of the parents and children were happy to see the police and the kids loved sitting behind the wheel of a police car. The officers handed out coloring books, pencils, and a lot of stickers. 

Walking Beat roundup –

North Precinct 7/10-7/15
North Precinct, in partnership with Portland State University continued its Lloyd District crime surveys this week. On Tuesday, two teams of two officers each were able to survey approximately 25 businesses regarding their opinions on public safety issues in the area. On Friday, officers met with the Reverend at Grace Memorial Episcopal Church who had approached the team earlier in the week and wanted to fill out a survey. They also met with church staff and had a great conversation with them about crime prevention and resources available to them.

In addition, Officers Murphy and Mendoza conducted a walking beat Monday on Mississippi Avenue from Fremont to Skidmore. This area has changed significantly over the years, and some tensions still exist between incoming residents and long- term occupants. Officers spent a significant amount of time listening to parking complaints from residents and helping to resolve small but lingering issues.


Community Policing Spotlight: July 14, 2017

Foot Patrols in Cully and Parkrose, Refugee Needs Assessment and Laurelhurst Park Missions

Officers are involved in Community engagement continually throughout their day, however, the following list briefly captures larger events:

 Laurelhurst Park Missions

Central Precinct: July 11-12, 2017
On 7/11 and 7/12, Central Patrol, Central Neighborhood Response Team and various contract cleanup crews conducted multiple missions in and around Laurelhurst Park to address the immediate conditions leading to livability offenses.

Over the course of two days, multiple cleanups were conducted by PPS and Rapid Response, and over 35 people living in and around the park were referred to services. During today’s mission, several children were in the park and a 5 year old child brought a used syringe to an officer. Five warnings were issued for violations of park rules, and two exclusions were issued for subjects drinking alcohol in the park. Area Service Cards and shelter referrals were provided for available shelter space. Despite being offered beds in a shelter that are currently available with no wait, every person contacted refused this service. In addition to the person contacts, over two truckloads of property were collected as part of a nuisance abatement program.

Weekend Foot Patrols in Cully and Parkrose Neighborhoods 
North Precinct: July 9, 2017

Thanks to the Public Space Outreach and Management grant, Parkrose saw a walking beat in the evening hours yesterday. Two Officers contacted local businesses. While patrolling on foot, the Officers received a lot of positive feedback from businesses and citizens regarding their visible presence in the area; the patrol talked with about fifty community members that day. 

Officers made an appearance at a lemonade stand in the Cully Neighborhood on foot. They met with a little girl who had the idea of bringing a cup of lemonade to a houseless man up the street. The Officers and the girl walked up and gave the man the cup of lemonade. Officers explained to the man that it was the girl’s idea to bring him the lemonade; the man almost started crying and thanked the foot patrol for being so kind to him.  

IRCO - Refugee Needs Assessment

Strategic Services: July 8, 2017
On Saturday, IRCO held there community need's assessment conference. PPB Chief Marshman, Cmdr King and Ofc. Haunsperger were there to support IRCO's efforts to assist in prioritizing needs of newly-arrived as well as established refugee community members. 


Community Policing Spotlight: July 6, 2017

Foot Patrol, Walking Bet in Old Town and Community Parade

Community Engagement: Hacienda Foot Patrol with a UUMV Custody
North Precinct, July 5, 2017

GET Officers made an appearance on foot at the Hacienda property in the Cully neighborhood; earlier the team attended a meeting with Neighborhood Response Team officers, the crime prevention coordinator of Multnomah County and the property management staff with Hacienda Properties regarding a problem apartment. This productive meeting initiated a plan to address issues with the problem apartment.

End of Holladay Park Mission and Continued Efforts with PSU
North Precinct, July 2, 2017

Sunday concluded the high visibility, five-day mission around Holladay Park. North patrol Officers with the assistance from the Transit Police Division, the Gang Enforcement Team and Parks and Recreation were running this mission due to increased criminal activity. Connected, Gang Outreach and Parole and Probation added input into this collaborative work. With limited resources and time, the Officers' efforts culminated in sixteen exclusions, ten warnings and seven custodies. The mission ended with another night of much needed calm in the park. 

Also, North continued its Portland State University software surveying with tablets on Saturday. Officers carrying the tablets met with business owners and community members who live in the area to hear their concerns relating to crime and livability issues around the Lloyd District.  

Walking beat in Old Town
Central Precinct, July 1, 2017

Five Officers and a Sergeant performed an enforcement-based walking beat in Old Town. In 1 hour, Officers arrested 6 subjects on warrants and other crimes which were disturbing the peace in the area. Several areas were also cleaned up by folks staying in the area. Multiple community members approached and thanked the officers for their efforts.

Community Parade Assistance
Traffic Division: June 30, 2017

Members of the Traffic Division assisted the LaVang Vietnamese Catholic Church with their annual church parade. This parade is a part of a weekend long celebration at the Church located at NE Alameda and 56th. The event was a great success and the parishioners were very thankful for the assistance.  

Quad Squad on Patrol
North Precinct: June 30, 2017

Officers and Sergeants went on patrol in North Portland on ATVs. With the help of the Public Spaces Outreach and Management grant, PPB was able to show a presence in many of Portland's parks including Pier Park, McCoy Park, Cathedral Park and Peninsula Park.