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Guidelines for Host Schools


Guidelines for Host Schools

Fostering Awareness, Demystifying Fear, and Empowering Girls to be Strong & Confident!



Privacy... Because the issue of sexual assault and dating violence is so serious and personal, it is essential that the school provide a space that affords privacy to the students participating in the class. For the safety of the students we also require a school representative to attend all classes. This representative is our mandatory reporter and deals with any discipline or behavior problems. We ask that school maximize privacy by providing a room with doors that close, and a room that is not a passageway for teachers, parents or other school employees.

Physical Characteristics...The spaces that we consider to be most versatile are those that are large enough to accommodate 20 students. Large classrooms and auditoriums, as well as small gymnasiums allow students the personal space they need to practice physical skills. Good ventilation or air conditioning and heat as needed are important to the students' comfort in class. This space must be available for all scheduled classes. As loud yelling occurs, a space away from other classrooms is ideal.  

Scheduling...GirlStrength is an eight-week course that can be divided into two 45 minute sessions per week, or one 90 minute session per week. These classes can be scheduled during school hours or after school hours.  Once the school has committed to the program times and dates, it is essential that the school ensure these dates and times as well as the space are always available.

Class Details...The maximum number of students that can participate in the class is 20. The minimum number is 15.  We recommend that students be divided by grade, but we understand that this is not always possible.  The classes are designed for middle school girls, 10-14 years of age, but we do make exceptions to meet the individual needs of each school. We consider this class to be extremely important for the personal safety of our girls; therefore, we ask that the school be responsible for ensuring that the classes have maximum attendance at all times.


Applying for the Program... All program requests are handled by the GirlStrength Coordinator. A request for the program can be made by submitting a GirlStrength Program Request Form to Carolyne Haycraft at

Requests are currently being accepted for the 2009-2010 school year.

Scheduling...GirlStrength classes are generally scheduled six months in advance. We currently have the resources to consistently offer the program at 2-3 schools consecutively. 


We strive to leave our borrowed rooms in a condition that is at least as good as we received it. Please let us know if this is or is not your experience with us. Thanks!