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The City of Portland, Oregon

Police Bureau

Sworn to protect. Dedicated to serve.

Phone: 503-823-0000

Non-Emergency: 503-823-3333

1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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Non-Emergency Reporting

How do I report a non-emergency crime?

The non-emergency number is 503-823-3333. Officers there will help you file a police report by mail and by phone. This number handles jurisdictions within the metro area, and is a 24-hour number.

Can I report a crime online?

Certain crimes in the Portland area can be reported via our online system. Criteria and link to reporting is here.

What do I need to do to file a crime report?

To report the following crimes, call the non-emergency number at 503-823-3333 and select 2, for a public safety matter involving Portland.

  • If you have been a victim of an assault;
  • If you need to report a burglary to home or business;
  • If you want report your vehicle has been stolen;
  • If you want to report a missing person, endangered person or report for a first time runaway juvenile thirteen (13) years old and younger;
  • If you need to report a non-emergency disturbance that is happening now;
  • If you need to file a report for a crime committed and you have suspect information;
  • If you want to report crimes that have already happened such as vehicle break-ins, vandalism; theft, fraud, identify theft, hit and run, harassment, or lost property and you do not have any suspect information: 

How do I file a restraining or stalking order?

Information on who can file for a restraining or stalking order is available through Multnomah County

Where do I report found property (e.g.: bicycle, lawn equipment, backpack)?

If you found property, call the non-emergency number (503-823-3333) and select 2.  Remember when reporting found property you need to be within five minutes of the location of the property.

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Crime Tips

How do I report a tip about a crime that has been committed?

To provide a tip to Crime Stoppers, call 503-823-HELP (4357) or submit a tip online. You can also text a tip: Text CRIMES (274637) - Type 823HELP, followed by the tip. 

Who do I call if I have information about a Cold Case? For reporting tips to the Cold Case Unit, call Crime Stoppers - 503-823-4357 or fill out this online form.

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Victim Resources

Where do I find my case number?

If a patrol officer responded, your case number will be on the back of the officer's business card. If you reported your crime to the non-emergency number, you can receive your case number by calling the Records Division at 503-823-0043. You will need to have the following information: name, address, date of crime, and type of crime.

How do I check to see if my vehicle has been recovered?

For information on the notification process, call Auto Records at 503-823-0044.

Where is my property?

The Property Room is located at 2619 NW Industrial Way, Ste B-4. They are open M-F 10am - noon and 1pm - 4pm. TriMet bus #17 will take you there as well. You should call ahead to make sure your property is available, 503-823-2179.

How do I get my property that was held as evidence released?

You can contact the officer that put the hold on the property at the precinct where they work. The officer will send the release to the Property Room at their discretion, depending on the circumstances of the hold. If the officer is no longer with the Bureau or on an extended absence, their supervising sergeant may be able to release certain property.

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Public Records Access

How do I get a copy of a report or 9-1-1 recordings?

Information on obtaining 9-1-1 recordings.

To receive copies of a report.

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Traffic Laws and Vehicle/Bike Issues

How do I file a traffic accident report?

Traffic accident victims should remember to exchange vehicle and insurance information with all parties involved at the scene of the accident. DMV forms are available on-line. Use this site to find out what to do if the other driver is uninsured or how to obtain a DMV insurance history.

How do I report Traffic Safety Issue?

Contact the Transportation Safety and Neighborhood Livability Hot Line (503-823-SAFE) or visit PDOT's website.

Where do I pay a traffic citation?  

There are instructions on how to pay your traffic citation on the citation itself. If you have lost your citation or would like the fee schedule to obtain officers' notes, visit our Records Division. To pay in person, go to: Multnomah County Courthouse; 1021 SW 4th Ave, Room 106.

How do I pay a parking ticket?

Parking citations are handled by the Portland Bureau of Transportation.  Click here for more information and to pay online.

Where do I report a problem driver?

To report an at-risk driver, use the Driver Evaluation Form [PDF] on ODOT's website. For general information regarding a potential medically at risk driver, visit the DMV's Medically at Risk Driver Program.

Where do I find out about Traffic school?

Call Legacy Emanuel Hospital at 503-413-4960 or the Share the Road Safety Class website.

Where do I find information on the laws for scooters, mopeds and pocket bikes?

Read the Motorized Scooter's and the Law [PDF] brochure on using bike lanes for handicapped, drivers' license endorsements for 35cc gas-powered scooters, motorcycles and more.

Where do I find the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) laws?

Oregon's Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Manual

Where do I find information on bicycle laws?

To find information about riding in Portland, including info on bicycle parking and maps, visit the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)'s site. For bicycle riding laws, visit PBOT's The Rules of the Road..

What are the laws about using helmets?

Oregon law requires you to wear an approved motorcycle helmet whenever you ride a motorcycle or moped, as either a driver or passenger. Helmets must have a label on them saying they meet U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. For laws specific to Motorcycles and Mopeds, download the Motorcycle & Moped Driver Manual

Who do I call for current road conditions? When do I need to take off my studded tires?

For information on dates for studded tires and chain requirements and current road conditions, call 5-1-1 or visit the Traction Tires Section of the TripCheck website.

What are the laws regarding child safety seats?

To find information about child weights, heights, and how to install child safety seats, visit the Child Passenger Safety Law section of the Oregon Impact Traffic Safety website.

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Vehicle Towing

My car was towed by PPB. How do I get it back?

In order to obtain a release for your vehicle, you must APPEAR IN PERSON at the Portland Police Bureau Records Division, which is located at 1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204. Public Hours: are 7 AM - 7 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM - 4 PM Saturday. The Division is closed Sunday and City of Portland Holidays

Vehicles will be subject to sale if not claimed within 15 days after the first day of storage.

Here is a list of what to bring with you and the fees associated with a towed vehicle.

Where do I find information about towing regulations? Who do I file a complaint with against a tow company?

Visit the Towing and Impound section of our website.

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Neighborhood Livability Concerns

Where do I report an abandoned vehicle or an illegally parked vehicle?

Call the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline 503-823-7309 or visit the Abandoned Autos Section of PDOT's website.

Call Parking Patrol at 503-823-5195 to report on an illegally parked vehicle on public property.

If the abandoned vehicle is on private property, call the Bureau of Developmental Services at 503-823-2633. For assistance visit the BDS website.

Where do I find information on reporting barking dogs?

Visit the Barking Dogs Section of the Multnomah County website.

Where do I find information about trespassing?

The purpose of the Portland Police Bureau Trespass Enforcement Agreement Program is to allow a property owner or manager to authorize Portland Police Bureau officers as a “Person in charge” to enter onto their property for the purpose of enforcing trespass laws against individuals who are trespassing on the property when there is no responsible party on-site. Individuals who are found by police officers to be on the property without authorization will be told to leave the property and not return, or be subject to arrest for Criminal Trespass.  

Why were there so many police cars in my neighborhood or on my block this morning/last night?

Daily information about what is happening in your neighborhood can be viewed on a third party website,  

You can also follow the Public Information Office on Twitter for information about major incidents and read press releases.

Why are helicopters flying over my block or neighborhood?

The media uses helicopters to give traffic updates and to report the news. If you want to file a noise complaint or want to know why they are flying in your neighborhood, contact the local television station. The Portland Police Bureau does not own or operate a helicopter.

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Portland Police News

Where can I find out about a police story I heard on the news? Where can I retrieve a copy of a news release?

You can read press releases from the Public Infomation Office (PIO), follow the PIO on Twitter or Facebook.

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Fraud Complaints

How do I report a scam? I have information about a possible fraud.

To file a fraud report, call the non-emergency number at 503-823-3333 and select 2." For phishing or other scams call the Oregon Attorney General's Office at 503-229-5576 or visit their website

The Police Bureau also has suggestions for preventing fraud on our website.

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City Ordinances and Oregon Laws

Where do I find information on city ordinances or resolutions?

Visit the City Code and Charter section on the City's website.

Where do I find information about the City of Portland's Noise Ordinance?

No excessive noise is allowed in the City of Portland between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am. To report noise during these hours, call 503-823-3333 and select 2. To report noise outside these hours, or for more information, contact the Noise Officer  at 503-823-7350 or fill out a noise complaint form..

What is the curfew for juveniles?

Curfew information is available here. Or you may call the Juvenile Court at 503-988-346

How do I become emancipated? Where do I find information about emancipation requirements?

For information on emancipation requirements, call the Multnomah County Juvenile Services Division - 503-988-3460.

Where do I get information on issues of child custody or visitation rights?

To make a Custodial Interference report, call the non-emergency number at 503-823-3333 and select 2. Legal and physical custody is usually awarded by a judge. Visitation is the privilege of non-custodial parents to spend time with their children. Non-custodial are parents who do not have the legal or physical custody of their children.

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Police Bureau Publications and Community Services

How do I arrange for a ride-along with an officer?

For information on a ride-along with an officer, download this ride-along form. [PDF].

Where do I find the policies for the Police Bureau?

You can read all of the Police Bureau's Policies and Procedures in the Directives section on our website. There are times where Directives are being updated and community input is sought. The Bureau publicizes these opportunities when that occurs.   

How can I get an emergency food box?

Contact the Sunshine Division, at 503-823-2102, which provides emergency food and clothing to Portland area families in partnership with the Portland Police Bureau.  Visit their website for more information about the Sunshine Division. If this is an urgent request and it is non business hours, call the non-emergency line and ask for a police officer to deliver a box of non-perishable food

Where do I find information about protecting vulnerable adults?

Our Family Services Division oversees Elder Fraud and conducts safety programs for people with disabilities. Check out some safety information on our website.

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City/County Services

Where do I report animal nuisance complaints?

For general animal nuisance complaints, contact Multnomah County Animal Control, 503-988-7387 or visit the Multnomah County Animal Services website.

Where do I get a concealed weapons permit?

For information on concealed weapons, please visit the Multnomah County Sheriff Office's Concealed Handgun Licensing website.

Where do I find information about the fire stations?

Call Portland Fire and Rescue - 503-823-3700 or visit the Fire Bureau's website

Where do I go to have my background checked?

To have your background checked visit the Oregon State Police's website.

Where can I find information about eviction notices?

A landlord can give a tenant a 30 days notice to vacate and not state a reason why. To find information on evictions, call the Multnomah County Civil Courts at 503-988-3022 or read their FAQs.  

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Preventing Crime

Where do I find crime prevention tips on home and vehicle security?

For home and vehicle safety, police and crime prevention services, and other public safety education visit the crime prevention information section of our website. Read  Keeping Your Home Safe from Burglars from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement for burglary prevention tips.

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Multnomah County Jail FAQs


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