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Police Bureau

Sworn to protect. Dedicated to serve.

Phone: 503-823-0000

Fax: 503-823-0342

Non-Emergency: 503-823-3333

1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

Acronyms and Definitions

Portland Police Bureau
Definitions and Acronyms
ADS - Aging and Disabilities Services
ASU - Air Support Unit
BCH - Bureau Contract Hospital
BOEC - Bureau of Emergency Communication
Bureau ID - Identification cards issued to every Bureau member.
CAD - Computer Assisted Dispatch
CAT - Child Abuse Team
CCI - Certified Carbine Instructor
CCS - Crime Capture System (replaces XIMAGE)
CFI - Certified Firearms Instructor
Chain of Command - The established order of authority for members of the Bureau. The chain of command for sworn members, in descending order, is: Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, Commander, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Police Officer. The place of non-sworn employees in the chain of command is dependent on their classification and assignment.
CILC - Citation in lieu of Custody
C-cite - A citation in lieu of arrest used for non-traffic offenses.
Commanding Officer - A superior officer having command, either temporarily or permanently, of a unit larger than a detail. This term usually is synonymous with lieutenants and above.
DA - Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office
DCTU - District Council of Trade Unions
DDA - Deputy District Attorney
Detail - The smallest functional unit within a division or precinct. During emergency occurrences, even small units called teams may be established.
DHS - Department of Human Services
DIR - Directive found in the Manual of Policy and Procedure
District - A geographical area assigned
DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles (Oregon)
DPSST - Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
DVD - Drugs and Vice Division
ECRT - Elder Crime Report Team
EDU - Explosives Disposal Unit
EMS - Emergency Medical Services, fire and ambulance
EOC - Emergency Operations Center
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
GET - Gang Enforcement Team
HazMat - Portland Fire Bureau Hazardous Materials Team
HNT - Hostage Negotiation Team
IAD - Internal Affairs Division
ICS - Incident Command System
ID - Identification Division
ID# - Permanent Bureau identification number which is always the same as the member’s DPSST number.
Inter-Office Memorandum - Written, printed, or typed correspondence, on a standardized form which is used exclusively to communicate within the Bureau.
IPR - Independent Police Review
JDH - Juvenile Detention Hall/Juvenile Justice Complex
LEDS - Law Enforcement Data System (Oregon State Police)
MCDC - Multnomah County Detention Center (Booking)
MCSO - Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
MDC - Mobile Data Computer
Memorandum - Formal typed correspondence, on city letterhead, containing directive, advisory, or informative matter. It has a limited internal use. It will be used for correspondence with other city bureaus and Multnomah County agencies. It is normally delivered by the city and/or county mail system.
NCIC III - National Crime Information Center
NLETS - National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
ORS - Oregon Revised Statute
OSP - Oregon State Police
PED - Property Evidence Division
PFB - Portland Fire Bureau
PIO - Bureau Public Information Officer
PIT - Precision Intervention or Pursuit Intervention Technique
Police Action - Any circumstance, on or off duty, in which a sworn member of the Bureau exercises or attempts to exercise official authority.
PPA - Portland Police Association
PPB - Portland Police Bureau
PPCOA - Portland Police Commanding Officers Association
PPDS - Portland Police Data System
PPE - Personal Protection Equipment
Relief - That portion of the personnel of a precinct or division assigned to one shift.
RU - Responsibility Unit
SERT - Special Emergency Reaction Team
SCBA - Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
SCD - Sex Crimes Detail
SID - Number given to individuals entered into the Oregon State Police Law Enforcement Data System
SNO - Senior Neighborhood Officer
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure (Directives at the division/unit level)
SPD - School Police Division
TFO - Tactical Flight Officer
Through Channels - A designation placed on a communication which is addressed to someone other than the writer’s immediate supervisor or subordinate. Any communication so designated will travel through the hands of the superior or subordinate officer in the chain of command to the addressee. A communication so designated may not be stopped or unnecessarily delayed before reaching the addressee.
TOD - Tactical Operations Division
TriMet - Tri-Metropolitan Transportation District
TRU - Telephone Report Unit
Z-cite - A citation used for traffic offenses