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Bangladesh/Portland - a Policing Partnership



Information Sheet

 Partners in the Bangladesh Community Policing Program:

  • Oregon National Guard State Partnership Program (SPP)
  • International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP)
  • United States Agency for International Development ( USAID)
  • The Asia Foundation (TAF)
  • Bangladesh National Police


Program Objectives

  • Teach Bangladesh police officers and citizens community policing strategies and assist them with implementation.
  • Provide hands-on instruction, modeling and mentoring to Bangladesh police officers and citizens using an embedding strategy.
  • Support the overall community by identifying additional stakeholders with the Rajshahi Metropolitan Police.


Challenges Bangladesh Police Face

  • Increasing Population:   164.71 Million (2010)

                  Estimated 183.32 Million (2015)

  • Working with Government Officials as they begin to implement community policing
  • Deep-seated historical mistrust of the police make it difficult to form partnerships
  • Student politics have a powerful voice in the community.
  • Low salaries for law enforcement personnel


PPB Personnel Involved

  • 170 Portland Police Bureau employees applied
  • Applicants represent 19 Divisions within the police bureau.
  • 10 community partner agency personnel and citizens applied


As of June 17, 2012:

  • 43 officers representing 16 divisions have traveled to Bangladesh
  • 1 nonsworn member and 2 citizens have also travelled with PPB

Benefits to PPB

  • Immerse PPB personnel in a culture that challenges their stereotypes and provides a depth of knowledge that can only be gained firsthand
  • PPB personnel achieve a greater level of understanding about challenges facing people from other cultures
  • PPB uses knowledge gained from experience to modify and improve existing community policing practices and enhance program deliveries to better fit the needs of local people from various cultures


Classes taught include:

  • Responsibilities of Policing in a Democratic Society
  • Citizens as an Element of Police Effectiveness
  • What is and isn’t Community Policing
  • Developing Assertiveness Skills
  • Learning and Listen
  • Human Rights
  • SARA Problem Solving Model
  • Joint Patrolling, Open Houses
  • Investigative techniques and strategies
  • Crime scene management
  • Supervisory and Leadership


Comparison of BGD & OR


BGD: 160M, 7th most populous in world, 90% Muslim

OR:  3.7M (US 300M)


BGD:  55,064 sq mi

Oregon:  97,073 sq mi


BGD:  Hot & humid, seasonal cyclones

OR:  Mild, wet winters & dry pleasant summers

Elevation extremes

lowest points: Indian Ocean 0m, Pacific Ocean 0m

highest points: Keokradong 1,230 m Mt Hood 3,425m

Natural resources and industry

BGD: natural gas, jute, timber, coal, rice, garments, tea, mustard

OR: timber/paper, wheat, berries, cattle, garments, electronics