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September 2013 Minutes

Slavic Advisory

September 12, 2013


Attendees:  Pqvel Aspiolov, Vadim Bezzubets, Tatyana Bondarchuk, Diane Haman, Officer Natasha Haunsperger, Miriam Goldman, AC Donna Henderson, Nikolai Kharitonov, Irina Kocharov, Irina Konev, Ashley Mo, Galina Nekrasova, AC Larry O’Dea, Alex ParaschukCmndr. Sara Westbrook, Timur Zavalin


Welcome and Opening Remarks – Officer Natasha Haunsperger

-           Irena Konev and Officer Natasha Haunsperger are the Co-Chairs for the Slavic Advisory Council. 

-          Introduction of two interns from Portland State University Russian Language Department, Miriam Goldman and Ashley Mo, they will attend the meetings as their schedules allow.

-          Introduction of East Precinct Commander Sara Westbrook.  She replaced retired Commander Mike Lee.

Presentation by Guest Speaker, Mike Shiyaneko Co-Founder Russian Media Center

-          Holding youth conference on September  21st - 22nd.  This will be the second time holding this event.

-          Radio Station plays Christian music, live shows, talk shows on Sunday’s at 7:00 pm.

-          Hold conferences on spiritual life with other non-profits “How to be a Christian in Everyday Life” theme. 

-          Held a march last year from PSU to Pioneer Square “Bury the Bad Habit Before it Buries You.”   

-          Goal is to work with non profits that help with more sever habits like drug addiction and alcohol abuse for the next march.  And to improve what they have and obtain funding.

-          All volunteers for the events. 

-          Visit the web site for more information at (for English page).

-          Russian Immersion Schools, Kelly Elementary on Foster / 92nd they have advertised for parallel crime/drug missions and identify youth leaders already involved in educating to support them (Natasha).

Bike Event - Galina Nekrasova

-          There is a group of 15 persons on bikes riding from Sacramento, CA to Portland, OR.  They will be in Portland on Friday, September 13th in the afternoon.

-          These are persons are spreading their message about fighting their addictions.

-          Russian radio and television will cover this event and will provide a translated recording.

-          The riders will meet at 2:00 at 18448 SE Burnside with other community leaders. 

-          Police are invited to attend the event and share consequences people face with continued drug use.  Commander Westbrook will have a couple officers attend.  This event will be live streamed on television.  There will also be a hotline for Q & A.



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Review of Community Involvement – Officer Natasha Haunsperger

-          The Slavic Advisory Council first formed in December of 2012.  Since that time we have participated in the following events:

  • May, 2013 – Youth Services Division participated in the Slavic Youth Event held at Clackamas County.  Two officers were there to answer questions from youth that attended.
  • Blue Lake Park Festival – Centered on Christianity and promoted drug prevention and drug abuse.
  • Slavic Festival – July 2, 2013 – Attended by Chief Reese and Assistant Chief and other Bureau members. 


Member Feedback:

-          A goal is to target population on Slavic youth that abuse alcohol and drugs.  Officer Haunsperger and Nikolai Kharitonov have been doing presentations at youth sessions.  This is huge for the community to see police teaming with community members.  The focus is not necessarily on the drug user but the family members being affected.  About 50 phone calls were generated from the presentation.  If this continues to grow how will we measure this with the council?  How we can the Police Bureau provide community answers and assistance for the families.

-          Kanon magazine has published two separate articles where they interviewed two Traffic Division members regarding fundamental traffic laws.

-          Invite parole and probation to a future meeting.  Members should submit questions they would have for parole and probation to Irena and Natasha.

-          If you know of events that are coming up send an e-mail to the co-chairs (Irena and Natasha) so we can provide resources that might be needed.

-          If you know of anyone that would be interested in speaking at a future meeting in order to educate the police bureau on the Slavic community e-mail the co-chairs with your ideas.

-          A goal is to have sub group of this council that would focus on family issues and any youth related programs and have workshops and utilize our media resources.

-          Would like to have a Slavic Youth Camp with other agencies.    Maybe have police attend the church youth camps in the summer and have time to visit with kids.

-          Have a dedicated subgroup for drug prevention suggestions.  It speaks a lot to have someone of authority come and talk to the kids about this is how your life will be if you do drugs/alcohol.

-          There are plans in place for Officer Haunsperger to interview families that have been impacted by drug/alcohol abuse for magazine articles. 







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