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March 2013 Minutes

Slavic Advisory Council

March 14, 2013


Present:  Dimitriy Bezzubets, Vadim Bezzubets, Tatyana Bondarchuk, Yuriy Boyechko, Officer Nataliya Fursova, Lt. Larry Graham, Diane Haman, Officer Natasha Haunsperger, Assistant Chief Donna Henderson, Olga Kaganova, Irina Kocharov, Irina Konev, Commander Mike Lee, Vladimir Lukyanov, Galina Nekrasova, Assistant Chief Larry O’Dea, Sergey Petukhov, Karina Rutova, Natalya Sobolevskaya, Roman Shabashevich, Leo Zaichariya


Child Abuse Laws:

John Casalino – Multnomah County District Attorney

  • Overview of the Court Process and Reasonable Discipline handouts were provided (see attached).
  • There are 10 to 14 Detectives working with the Child Abuse Team (CAT) and 4 District Attorney’s.
  • There is a difference as to what is reasonable discipline and abuse.
  • From a District Attorneys perspective they look to see if a crime has been committed, is there enough to prosecute, etc.
  • There were 74,000 reports of abuse or neglect in the state last year.  This includes physical, sexual, emotional abuse.
    •  32,000 thousand were referred for investigation. 
    • About 7,000 of those (roughly 10%) abuse was involved. 
    • Out of 11,000 children most were younger than 6 years old.
    • DHS gets the call, sometimes it does not rise to the level of concern or they say the situation will be looked into, just not right now.
    • Member stated it would be good to find out what the issues and their percentages are within the community.   If the community had this kind of information they would know how big of a problem they are dealing with and what education pieces are needed. 



Would they (D.A.’s) look at the mental health of the child?  In some cases yes, one of the services would be a mental health evaluation.

Who makes the calls?  It is mandatory that certain professions (teachers, law enforcement, city employees, etc.) have to report to the hot line.  Identity is confidential for the most part and nothing happens to a reporter if they are wrong.  About 75% of those that call are educators or law enforcement.

What happens when parents are not in the wrong (have not abused)? 

  • If a child does have to be removed they try to place with a family member.
  • If someone is indicted for criminal mischief that will go to a jury or a judge.  Persons have a choice of a jury by court which would be one judge or a jury of 6 – 12 persons.  The child would have to come in and testify


What does the county do for intervention? How do we communicate what the county sees as abuse?  If you communicate to the Slavic community they will be less terrified when someone comes and knocks at the door:

  • Prevention, educate on what emotional abuse is.  DHS does training on what emotional abuse is.  It would be good to have them come and speak to this council. 


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Questions (continued)

  • For emotional abuse, you can’t be held criminally responsible but DHS can come in and be involved for months.
  • Trainings have been put on to other groups by Multnomah County or DHS. 
  • Tatyana Bondarhcuk has this information on her website in Russian, or you can go at Human Services.  There you can find information on abuse and see all the definitions of abuse and the state laws.
  • DHS provides a yearly report that can be pulled from the internet.  Would like to know how many of the community have been arrested, prosecuted, etc.
  • For education purposes they have used a real case (changed information that is confidential) and taught the process of what happens from the initial call, family response, what the victims went through to what the trial was like and what the outcome was.


Portland Police Bureau Updates – Assistant Chief Larry O’Dea

  • Chief Reese is over in Bangladesh for the next two weeks.  He is meeting with Chief’s of the different stations.
  • The City is reviewing 25 million in budget cuts.  The police bureau is half of this expense.  The Bureau was asked to prepare a 10% budget cut package.  We are expecting a substantial cut. 


Slavic Community Seminar – Commander Mike Lee

  • Has a plan for the Slavic workshop, looking for a location. 
  • Would like to have a full day or 6 to 8 hours with 12 stations that people can rotate through.
  • Would like to collaborate with other agencies as well.
  • Need a subcommittee for the seminar.  We don’t want to put on a one dimensional seminar (PPB side).  Member input is crucial.


Slavic Youth Conference – Natasha Haunsperger

  • The Portland Police Bureau will hold 3 workshop sessions at the 17th Annual Russian Speaking Youth Leadership Conference on May 2, 2013.
  • The Youth Services Division is coordinating with the organizer the bureaus 3 sessions.  This will be a first for us to be involved.
  • We need a mission statement, goals, etc. to put on Facebook.


Next Meeting – Olga Kaganova

  • Recommendation for Olga Kaganova to facilitate the April meeting that will be attended by Slavic Community only.  Officer Haunsperger will also attend.
  • Will discuss the mission statement, goals, prioritizing issues, etc.





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