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January 2013 Minutes

Slavic Advisory Committee Meeting

January 10, 2013




Present:  See sign in sheet

Facilitation and Administration – Officer Natasha Haunsperger:

  • Office Natasha Haunsperger will be the facilitator until May or June.  A community member will be selected to be the Chair.  A co-chair will also be selected.
  • One goal is for this advisory group to be a benefit to the community.
  • Officer Haunsperger asked if along with the monthly meetings we communicate via e-mail.  E-mails can be regarding agenda topics for future meetings as well as tasks to be covered prior to the next meeting.  All those in attendance were agreeable to this. 
  • Encouraged everyone to be a part and to contribute to the goals and mission of this council.
  •  Education and prevention is a goal.  Encourage to take small steps and be methodical.
  • There is opportunity for education on the side of the police bureau and the Slavic community.  
  • We want this to be a sharing of ideas and sharing solutions. 
  • Perhaps spend ten minutes at each meeting for each person to check-in (talk about needs).
  • We are just now laying out the foundation, it will take time to develop things properly and do things that are beneficial to both sides. 
  • We want to be slow and methodical.  We want to be systematic and thoughtful and don’t want to miss anything (Commander Lee).
  • We want to police in a way that is reflective of what the community wants (Assistant Chief O’Dea).
  • As a group we can provide a list of resources to each other. 
  • One person should be tasked with putting together a list of churches, non-profit agencies, schools, etc.
  • Each month we would like to have guest speakers from the PPB to speak at the first 10 to 15 minutes.


Identify Common Problems:

  • Are crimes tracked by ethnicity?  The bureau is not able to do this.  The Russian speaking community has several languages.  We obtain statistics on particular types of crime but not by nationality.  We do by geographic areas primarily.
  • Lieutenant Larry Beard commented that at the last meeting he picked up on that the older generation has a hard time understanding the youth and what they are facing.  The older generation does not understand youth and things like who they can call for help, what signs do they look for in areas of drug usage, gang activity, etc.
  • Slavic community does not know about American laws, training is needed on all of these things.    
  • Parents fear disciplining their children, afraid they will go to jail for child abuse.
  • Parents don’t know about the children being exposed to violence and with all the different types of abuse (emotional, physical, etc).  They need to know what they can do not just what they can’t do. (Tatyana has tools that she has used to educate).
  • Education subject experts for:
    • Social Issues
    • Child Abuse
    • Child Dynamics
    • Family Law
    • Drug Abuse (Drugs Sold at Schools)
    • Immigration Laws
    • Car Theft
    • Gang Violence
    • Organized Crime
    • Not reporting or identifying
    • Alcoholism
    • Deportation
    • We agree that all of the problems are connected but we can’t tackle all the problems all at one time.  We need to focus on one problem at a time:
      • What is the law?
      • What is the issue?
      • How can we provide a solution?



  • Suggestion was made to invite subject experts to come and train this group and video tape it (DVD).  The videos can be viewed by the community.
  • Get training and education out using:
    • Mass Social Media
    • Radio
    • Schools
    • Churches
    • Organized or Community Events
    • Provide copies of DVD’s in Russian language as well as audio versions.
    • Olga Kaganova suggested we bring in others from the Legal Justice system.
    • Have access to police officers to have a question and answer time. 
    • Network with Family Services (PPB), Child Protective Services and the Department of Human Services (Child Welfare)
    • Suggestion made to involve public schools.  
      • Coordinate a few meetings with School Police
      • Have School Police come and do a presentation.
      • Each school district has a Russian translator then we can give DVD’s to them.
      • GREAT prevention program.
      • Target audience would be for elementary and middle schools not so much for high school.





Assignment 1:

Looking at the list of education topics, select your top three that you feel should be addressed.  If you have an idea that is not on the list please submit that as well.  Send your response to Diane Haman at and copy Natasha Haunsperger at .  They will formalize these for the next meeting.

Assignment 2:

E-mail Officer Haunsperger lists of upcoming events that we can put together. These would be events we can invite members of this advisory council and officers to.


Next Meeting:

February 21, 2013

5:30 – 7:30

East Precinct Community Room



Minutes submitted by:  Diane Haman, Portland Police Bureau