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October 2013 Minutes


Slavic Advisory Council Minutes

October 8, 2013


Vladimir Averyanov, Tatyana Bondarchik, Yuriy Boyechko, Ben Chumox, Lt.

Larry Graham, Diane Haman, Natasha Haunsperger, AC Donna Henderson, Nikolai Kharitonov,

Irene Konev, Galina Nekrasova, AC Larry O’Dea, Ashley Moe, Natalya Sobolevskaya, Roman

Shabashevich, Anastasia Yakiymchuk, Anna Volkova, Erin Weeks-Earp, Cmndr. Sara



Galina Nekrasova invited members to be involved and attend the Slavic Festival in July, 2014.

2014 Goals – Officer Natasha Haunsperger

The Police Bureau’s goal is to improve our service to the public/community. We need the

community to let us know what the cultural needs are. We want to understand the root cause of

problems before they escalate.

Would like to see a year of results, not just another year of meetings.

We have accomplished a lot this year. We have built trust and relationships. The

community is aware relationships are being built.

Natalya Sobolevskaya invited Officer Haunsperger to come out to the church in

Troutdale in January or February (3000 members).

The church is seeing from the meetings at other churches that the police want to help not

just come to arrest people.

Yuri Boyechko recommended the following goals:


Number one problem, working with persons with drug addictions.


Work with parents and give them resources for what they can do.


Work with youth and other family members affected by drug/alcohol addicted

family member.


Rehabilitation after prison.


Create an information center for everything to come to one place and bring this

through media

Seattle Bike Trip – Galina Nekrasova

Update on the bike trip from Sacramento, CA to Seattle, WA. There were about 15 riders

that have been struggling with addictions and used this bike trip to send a message.

A dinner was held here in Portland at the Uzbekistan Restaurant. East Precinct Officers

David Golliday and Devonna Dick attended the dinner and were available to answer

questions. Certificates of Appreciation were given to Commander Westbrook to present to

the officers.

This was the first public Slavic event about drugs and alcohol that had television and radio

coverage where people could talk openly. This event provided valuable information about

how drugs and alcohol affect your brain and brought leaders together

Youth Engagement Program - Lieutenant Larry Graham

The police have the Youth Engagement Program out at the New Columbia. They have

officers that work with a group of children on things like cleanup projects, painting

basketball court areas, and a variety of other things. After 8 weeks or so they are

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Slavic Advisory Council Minutes October 8, 2013

Youth Engagement Program (continued)

rewarded with an event such as a going out for pizza or attending a children’s play. This

builds relationships and generates interactions with officers. It also builds relationships

with parents when they hear and see positive outcomes when police and children work


Commander Westbrook, Natalya Sobolevskaya, Galina Nekrasova and Anna Volkova

will talk with Lieutenant Graham about creating a program through East Precinct.

There will be a Cultural Orientation at North Precinct on October 24th at 5:00 p.m. Dr.

Verenice Gutierrez will be there to talk to officers about the Latino culture. Lt. Graham

invited any person interested from the SAC to come and talk about the Slavic culture and

what it is like to immigrate here. Tatyana Bondarchuk and Nikolai Kharitonov will

attend and speak at the event.

Crime Prevention Begins at Home – Anna Volkova

The Russian Speaking Network is hosting a series of Crime Prevention Begins at Home

Workshops starting November 2, 2013 through April 5, 2014 at 124

th and Burnside (see

attachments for more information).

Workshops will cover the following topics:


Identifying a Crime


Communication with the Police


Gangs and Gang Involvement Prevention


Children and Families


Domestic Violence


Civic Engagement

Would like assistance from the Police Bureau for the December 7th workshop.

Will have FBI special agent talk about “Innocent Images.” The topic is about teens and

how they go on Facebook and other social media sites where they can get into trouble.

Held a workshop that was attended by about 50 people. It was very successful, and

people attending wanted to know more. Those that went to the first workshop spread the

word to others.

The goal of the workshops is to work with families to make them aware of the role they

can play in prevention, how to be healthy and build relationships between parents and


A survey from the workshop indicated that people want to see Measure 11 class taught in

schools. This is something the Police Bureau can help with. At times people start to

spread the word but they spread it wrong.

Future Speakers – Officer Natasha Haunsperger

Officer Haunsperger asked members to let her know if they know of or have persons

from the community that would like to be guest speakers and present to the council.

These can be Russian speaking activist, church leaders, etc. Let us know a few weeks in

advance so that we can get it on the agenda.

Nikolai Kharitonov was asked if he would present to the SAC (Slavic Advisory Council)

about God Will Provide, a Christian based rehabilitation center. Invite other city partners

to come and learn about the program as well.


Officer Haunsperger asked if an officer comes across a Russian speaking

household and discovered there is an issue involving addiction, could the police

be proactive and refer the family to the center?

God Will Provide is a residential

Slavic Advisory Council Minutes October 8, 2013

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Future Speakers (continued)

treatment house, there are 8 beds so there could be a waiting list. There are three

centers in Oregon; Boring, Estacada and Damascus. There is information on the

internet regarding intake and enrollment.

One Year Celebration – Diane Haman

It will be one year since the council was formed this December. Suggestion to celebrate

by having a Potluck dinner at out December meeting.

We will pass around a sign-up sheet at our November meeting.

Police Bureau Youth Forum – Assistant Chief Donna Henderson

We would like to be involved more in talking with the community.

In past meetings it was discussed that the Bureau would hold a Youth Forum.

The forum would be a one day event – look for holding in April, 2014.

East Community – Commander Westbrook

A goal for East Precinct is for the east community to know who their district officers are.

This would be good for business and for officers to know the pastors so they can have

one on one contact.

Commendations – Irene Konev

Encouraged the council and community to send e-mails or write letters of commendation

to IPR when they know of officers that are doing good work in their community. E-mails

can be sent directly to

Meeting adjourned 7:30 p.m.

Next Meeting

Thursday, November 14th

5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

East Precinct Community Room

Slavic Advisory Council Minutes October 8, 2013

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