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Police Bureau

Sworn to protect. Dedicated to serve.

Phone: 503-823-0000

Fax: 503-823-0342

Non-Emergency: 503-823-3333

1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

312.50, Identification

312.50, Identification 


  • DIR 211.00 DPSST Numbers 



  • The Portland Police Bureau is committed to a community-based style of policing that promotes excellent community relations. Members will demonstrate professionalism and respect by offering their Bureau issued business card as outlined in this directive. 



Member Responsibilities: 

  • Members in uniform will display their badge and issued nametag on their outermost garment and carry their Bureau I.D. 


  • Members wearing civilian attire will carry their badge and/or Bureau I.D. on their person at all times while on duty except when doing so impairs their safety or compromises an investigation.


  • Members will wear their badge or Bureau I.D. so as to be clearly visible in all City facilities. 


  • Bureau members will identify themselves by name and also offer their Bureau issued business cards as follows: 
  • When a Bureau member has made a vehicle or pedestrian stop, the primary officer will offer their business card to the person detained. 
  • During a call for service when face-to-face contact is made with a complainant, the primary officer will offer a business card to the complainant. 
  • When a business card would improve customer service or customer relations due to the nature, duration or intensity of the contact or stop (i.e., when making an arrest, conducting a search or impounding a vehicle), the member will offer a business card.


  • When a citizen requests a business card from a member, the member will provide a card unless:
  • Providing a card would impair safety or compromise an investigation. 
  • The request is clearly an attempt to harass, delay or manipulate the contact or investigation. 


  • Bureau issued business cards will be used by members only in connection with official business and will conform to the approved Bureau format. No personal cards that refer to the Bureau are allowed. 


Supervisor Responsibilities: 

  • When a supervisor has a substantial concern that providing business cards would impair the performance of police duties, the supervisor may authorize officers not to provide business cards. This authorization will be noted in the supervisor’s notebook or relevant police report. 


  • Supervisors will ensure that officers have an adequate supply of business cards during the semi-annual inspection.