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0001.00 Files - Division/Precinct/Unit

001.00      Files-Division/Precinct/Unit 


  • DIR 010.00 Directives Review and Development Process


  1. This policy is to establish a standardized system for the storage of all general Bureau files. 


1.  This filing system will apply to all Bureau and Responsibility Unit (RU) files. This system will not include crime and information files maintained by specialized units, (i.e., Drugs and Vice, Internal Affairs, etc.). In addition, the personal files of managers are not affected.

2.  Bureau and RU files are organized information maintained by each RU containing written material related to policy and procedures in the directives and other information pertinent to the RU’s operation. The material contained within these files may also contain correspondence, research data, brochures, inter-agency information, visual aids, training information, intelligence notes or any information relevant to the operation of the RU. Files will be reviewed and purged each year during the month of January. 

3.  Section Numbers:

3.1.      The filing system incorporates numbered tabbed file dividers. The following numbered tabs correspond to the directives’ section numbering system:

3.1.1.      Manual Organization/Filing Manual            100      Bureau Organization            200      Personnel/General Administration            300      Conduct/Discipline/Grievances            400      Disability/Injury/Retirement            500      Contracts/Labor            600      Field Operations            700      Emergencies/Disturbances            800      Arrest/Detention/Courts            900      Report Writing        1000    Weapons/Ammunition/Equipment        1100    Uniforms/Grooming        1200    Maintenance/Vehicles/Property        1300    Special Orders        1400    Executive Orders        1500    Training Education/Bulletins        3000    Division/Precinct Miscellaneous Files 

4.  Mandatory Sub-Sections:

4.1.      In conjunction with the directives’ section numbers, there are sub-sections relative to most of the RUs. In order to ensure continuity, these sub-sections have been assigned specific numbers and will be used by those involved with the filing system. Any of the sub-sections may be further sub-divided. Refer to the section on Filing Procedures for an example. 

5.  Filing Manual:

5.1.      200.1 Budget

5.2.      600.1 Intelligence

5.3.      600.2 Parks

5.4.      600.3 Special Events

5.5.      700.1 Tactical Areas of Responsibility 

6.  RU Filing Manual – Section:

6.1.      Each RU using this filing system will maintain an alphabetical cross index and section number index. These cross-indexes and a copy of this directive will make up the RU’s Filing Manual Section 001.00.

6.2.      When assigning file numbers, any material to be filed that directly relates to a policy or procedure in the directives will be assigned the same directive section number. For example, the Section 630.30 of the directives that deals with Ride-Alongs under the Bureau filing system could be further broken down by the RU’s by adding 630.30.1 Ride-Alongs – Accepted and 630.30.2 Ride-Alongs – Refused.

6.3.      Material relating to a section number, but not corresponding to a specific directive, will be numbered with a section number and a decimal designation. For example, RUs wishing to file information on the armory will find there is no specific decimal breakdown for Armories. However, the subject matter relates to Section 1000 Weapons/Ammunition/Personal Equipment and armory information could be filed immediately behind the 1000 divider and would be assigned number, 1000.0 Armory. For another example, Central Precinct could assign numbers to specific parks under the 600.0 Parks sub-section by giving them number 600.2.1 for Washington Park and 600.2.2 for Council Crest Park.

6.4.      Section 3000 is designated for each RU use to file material not logically related to Bureau section numbers. The decimal numbering system should be used within the 3000 series when organizing the file. For example, 3000.1 Annexations, 3000.1.1 Johns Subdivision and 3000.1.2 Smith Subdivision. 

7.  Incorrect Numbering:

7.1.      Except when numbering files in conjunction with a directive section number, RUs will assign numbers only as described above. For example, 630.30 Community Policing Citizen Ride-Along Program. Assigning the number 630.31 to a file relating to Ride-Alongs would be incorrect. 630.30.1 Ride-Alongs-Accepted would be the correct file number assignment. 


  • Originating Directive Effective: 09/06/01
  • First Revision Effective: 11/29/16
  • Next Review Date: 11/29/18
  • Review By: Strategic Services Division