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September 2014 Minutes

Slavic Advisory Council

September 11, 2014


Present:  Vladimir Averyanov, Tatyana Bondarchuk, Yuriy Boyechko, Nataliya Fursova, Lt. Larry Graham, Diane Haman, Officer Natasha Haunsperger, AC Donna Henderson, Nikolai Kharitonov, Irina Kocharov, Officer Steve Morinville, AC Larry O’Dea, Olga Palchey, Elena Pleshakov, Karina Rutova, Commander Sara Westbrook



Youth Service Division – Officer Natasha Haunsperger

  • Officer Morinville will do a presentation to the SAC on the Youth Services Division.
  • Steve asked members what they would like officers to be involved with.
  • What community groups can we have based on schools? How can we connect with them?
    • Community Dialogue Sessions
    • Write articles for magazine and post on website
    • Conduct focus sessions with parents and children (separate) regarding truancy, drugs, etc.
    • Multnomah County hosts a Russian Tea Room.  They talk about how to build relationships.
  • We should have a long term mission as a council and community to support our youth and parents.  Parents think kids are doing home school if they are on the computer, which is not the case. 
  • In the David Douglas district alone, 56 languages are spoken.   


Community Help Line – Officer Natasha Haunsperger

  • Idea to have a designated phone line that Russian Speaking/Slavic community could call to get answers to questions.  Not a legal aide type of service but where they could leave a message that can be researched and responded to either via return call, e-mail or post FAQ’s on Facebook.
  • Had a great response when they did an hour on the radio and were able to answer questions.  We don’t have money for air time so we won’t be able to do regular spot on the radio. 
  • People who have lived here for years still struggle with the laws and communication.
  • If we had a phone line someone would need to cover the phone and log questions or concerns.
  • Yuri Boyechko can put an ad in his magazine with information about the website or phone number to call.
  • We need a mechanism that will connect us with the community.
  • Message on phone would let them know they would not get an answer right away. 
  • Subcommittee members for the phone line project are:  Yuriy Boyechko, Olga Palchey, Tatyana Bondarchuk, Karina Rutova


Community Guest Speakers – Officer Natasha Haunsperger

  • SAC Members were asked to think about the people in their community that would do a 10-15 minutes presentation to the council that would educate the police bureau on anything they feel would be beneficial.  This could be anything from cultures (Eastern


 Community Guest Speakers (cont.)

European are not all Russian), roles of church, role of family, etc.   

  • Are there things we (police) do now that make things worse?  How can we better serve the Slavic Community? 
  • We would like to plan six months out for guest speakers.
  • We have never done an in-depth presentation on the Police Bureau.  Natasha Haunsperger will work on a presentation. 
  • Everyone on the leadership board is encouraged to go on a Ride-Along.  Can do a full or half shift.  E-mail Lt. Larry Graham and he will get everyone set up (


Partnership with Rockwood Library – Officer Natasha Haunsperger

  • Gulruh Kodiriy reached out to the bureau and SAC to offer their conference room at the Rockwood Library to conduct workshops for the Slavic / Russian speaking community.
  • They have a lot of Russian families that frequent the library.
  • We have a date of December 15, 2014, for holding our first workshop.
  • The goal would be to have workshops lined up for several months. 
  • Subcommittee Members are:  Tatyana Bondarchuk, Elena Pleshakov and Karina Rutova


Mayors Meeting Subcommittee – Assistant Chief Larry O’Dea

  • Subcommittee Members: Officer Natasha Haunsperger, Yuriy Boyechko, Nikolai Kharitonov and Olga Palchey will meet with Assistant Chief O’Dea on Monday the 29th at 3:30.
  • We are committed to meet with Mayor on a quarterly basis to share thoughts and ideas on matters that are of importance to the Slavic community.  The Mayor is looking forward to meeting with subcommittee.
  • This subcommittee will be the voice with city government and the Mayor.
  • Think of the things you want your city government to know, it does not have to be about law enforcement.
  • E-mail the subcommittee your concerns and the concerns of people you interact with daily, in church or community.  We need to be more interactive. 
  • SAC member asked if would be possible for the Mayor to come out and meet with Slavic / Russian speaking community, businesses, churches, schools, youth group leaders, etc.  They want to talk to him.  This can be a goal for 2015.


Training Facility Grand Opening – Assistant Chief Larry O’Dea

  • The Training Advisory Council sent out invitations to all Advisory Councils for the grand opening of the Portland Police Training Division.
  • Everyone is encouraged to attend on Thursday, September 18th from 6:30 to 9:00 to tour the new facility.


Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting, October 9, 2014