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Police Bureau

Sworn to protect. Dedicated to serve.

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0311.00 Duty Required



  • Applicable labor agreements


POLICY (311.00)

Members on duty shall devote their time and energies to the duties and responsibilities of the rank, grade or position to which they are assigned.

Members shall refrain from conducting personal business while on duty, except when it is of an immediate and pressing nature, and the members have first obtained permission of their supervisor. If the business is of such duration that it causes the officer to be out of service or district, permission of a supervisor must be obtained. 

Members shall work the hours assigned, unless excused by their RU manager or supervisor. Members assigned to a specific detail or post will remain on duty until relieved by proper authority.

Reporting for Duty (311.00)

Members shall report for duty, unless excused by their supervisor, at the time and place required by assignment or orders and will be fit to perform their duties. Members are at all times subject to an emergency recall to duty by their supervisor and will comply when notified to report for duty. Trial notices processed through the Court Coordinator’s office and any work related judicial subpoenas will constitute an order to report for duty under this section.

Fictitious Illness or Injury Reports (311.00)

Members shall not feign illness or injury, falsely report themselves ill or injured or otherwise deceive or attempt to deceive the Bureau as to the condition of their physical or mental health.

Lunch and Coffee Breaks (311.00)

Members shall not leave their assignments for excessive amounts of time for lunch or coffee breaks. Prior to any coffee or lunch break, uniform members will notify the Bureau of Emergency Communications (BOEC). Non-uniform members will follow their division policy. Supervisors will ensure that sufficient members are available to carry out the assigned duties of the precinct or division. Supervisors are also required to ensure that no more than two uniform patrol vehicles are at the same location while on a lunch or coffee break, unless that supervisor approved a greater number to be present.

Sleeping on Duty (311.00)

Members shall remain awake while on duty. If unable to do so, they shall so report to their supervisor, who will determine the proper course of action.

Cooperation and Aid Required (311.00)

Members shall coordinate their efforts with other members to ensure maximum achievement of purpose in obtaining the objectives of the Bureau. Members shall aid, assist and protect other members in time of peril.