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The City of Portland, Oregon

Police Bureau

Sworn to protect. Dedicated to serve.

Phone: 503-823-0000

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1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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0312.50 Identification

312.50, Identification 


  • Directive 120.00, Inspections, Responsibility, and Authority
  • Directive 310.00, Conduct, Professional 


  1. The Portland Police Bureau is committed to a relationship-based style of policing that promotes positive community relations. Members will demonstrate professionalism and respect by identifying themselves in the course of their work as outlined in this Directive. 


1.  Member Responsibilities:

1.1.  Receipt of Identification:

1.1.1.  Members will receive official versions of Bureau-issued identification (e.g. badges, nametags, identification cards, business cards, etc.) to be used in connection with official business (e.g. community relations, operations, investigations, report writing, etc.). Members will ensure they have official versions of Bureau-issued identification and an adequate supply of Bureau-issued business cards in anticipation of duty. 

1.2.  Display of Identification:

1.2.1.  Members in uniform will visibly display their Bureau-issued badge and nametag on their outermost garment and carry their Bureau-issued I.D. while on duty.

1.2.2.  Civilian members and sworn members wearing civilian attire will carry Bureau-issued identification on their person at all times while on duty. 

1.3.  Use of Identification:

1.3.1.  Except as provided in Section 1.3.2, Bureau members will identify themselves by name and offer their Bureau-issued business card when responding to a call for service, engaging in self-initiated activity, making a stop, conducting an investigation, or upon request of a member of the public.

1.3.2.  Members are not required to identify themselves or provide a Bureau-issued business card when doing so would:  Compromise the member’s safety,  Impair the performance of police duties at the scene, and/or  A supervisor has relieved the member of the Bureau’s identification mandate.  Members are required to document refusals to provide identification in an appropriate police report. 

2.  Supervisor Responsibilities:

2.1.  Supervisors will ensure members have official versions of Bureau-issued identification during inspections. 

2.2.  Supervisors will ensure members are displaying and using identification as required by this Directive,  and that identification is not misused in accordance with expectations outlined in other directives (e.g. identification is not used for personal gain, identification is not used for coercion or retaliation, identification is not lent to others, identification is not used to authorize external communications, etc.). 

2.3.  Supervisors are required to document in an appropriate police report or memorandum any authorization given by the supervisor to relieve a member or members of identification mandates (e.g. uniform requirements, detail assignments, safety concerns, impaired performance of police duties, etc.). 


  • Originating Directive Effective: 09/06/01
  • First Revision Effective: 09/21/09
  • Second Revision Effective: 07/08/14
  • Third Revision Effective: 06/01/15
  • Fourth Revision Effective: 06/08/15
  • Next Review Date: 06/08/17
  • Review By: Chief’s Office