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0950.00 Confidential Case Status



  • Confidential Case Status Form (Records)


PROCEDURE (950.00)

Directive Specific Definitions

Confidential reports: Police reports requiring a higher level of security in handling than normal. A report may be classified as confidential if:

a.  It contains information of a personal nature, similar to that kept in personnel, medical or similar files, disclosure of which would constitute an unreasonable invasion of privacy.

b.  It contains investigatory information compiled for criminal law purposes, and a need clearly exists to delay disclosure in the course of the investigation due to the sensitivity of the subject matter.

c.  It contains material intended as an inter-bureau communication or as communication between the Bureau and another public body, to the extent the report contains other than purely factual materials and is preliminary to final determination of policy and action.

d.  It contains or refers to information submitted to the Bureau in confidence, not otherwise required by law to be submitted, and the Bureau, in good faith, considers itself obliged not to discuss the information or identity of the informant.

e.  It is recommended for such classification and the recommendation is specifically approved by the Chief of Police.

Sensitive papers: Any Bureau correspondence that should not be processed through the city’s garbage/recycling service when it is to be discarded. Sensitive papers include copies of operational reports, personnel information and confidential memorandums.

Classification of Reports (950.00)

The following reports will be routinely classified as confidential by the Records Division (Records) and will be treated as such by other divisions/precincts/units. Following each type of report is the declassification standard. These standards will be extended or reduced with the approval of a supervisor of the unit having investigatory responsibility for the case.

Type of report                                                    Declassification standard

Arsons                                                                 6 years

Arson; injury or death                                          Indefinitely

Bomb threats                                                       30 days

Bombings or device located                                Indefinitely

Rapes, incest and molests                                  Indefinitely

Homicides                                                           Indefinitely

Member involved shootings                                Indefinitely

Fatal traffic crash investigation                           Indefinitely; Initial report is releasable

Possible fatal traffic crash investigations            30 days; Initial report is releasable

Bank robberies                                                    Indefinitely

Bureau members as suspects                             Indefinitely

Child abuse                                                         Indefinitely

Abused elderly persons in long-term care           Indefinitely

facilities/nursing home

Reports will be declassified at the end of the above mentioned period and, thereafter, will be handled as non-confidential, unless the status is extended by completing a Confidential Case Status form and forwarding it to Records.

In all cases where the declassification standard is indefinite, it will be the responsibility of the division/precinct/unit having investigation responsibility for the case to notify Records as soon as the report can be declassified by forwarding a Confidential Case Status form to Records.

Confidential Reports (950.00)

Whenever the investigator or a supervisor believes a report not mentioned above should be classified as confidential, they will complete a Confidential Case Status form and forward the report and the completed form to Records.

A report may be classified confidential at any time during any investigation. Although unauthorized persons may have had access to a report prior to its classification as confidential, the confidential status will ensure that further supplementary information will be handled with a higher level of security.

If a report has already been processed by Records, the assigned report number will be included on the Confidential Case Status form.

Upon receipt of a completed Confidential Case Status form classifying a report as confidential; Records will forward a copy of the form to all divisions, precincts, units, members and other criminal justice agencies who may have already received a copy of the original report. It will then be the responsibility of these divisions, precincts, units, etc., to notify those who may have received copies from them, regarding this change in the case status.

After the initial distribution, copies of confidential reports or information from confidential reports will be released only with the approval of designated members of the RU to which the case has been assigned. RU managers will designate those individuals within their units who are responsible for authorizing the release of copies, or information from confidential reports.

Members not associated with the investigation and attempting to obtain information or copies, should notify Records of their request, who in turn will contact the appropriate unit for authorization.

Members may receive copies of those reports authored by them without prior approval.

Division/Precinct/Unit Responsibilities (950.00)

A division/precinct/unit receiving confidential reports, or when receiving notification that a report is classified confidential, will ensure that the reports are maintained in such a manner that only members with a need to know have access to the reports.

Destruction of Sensitive Paper (950.00)

RU managers will appoint a supervisor to be responsible for their sensitive paper collection. All sensitive papers will be shredded, bagged and disposed of.