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1025.00 Firearms at Portland International Airport



  • Notice to Armed Individuals form, WN-364 (Airlines)


POLICY (1025.00)

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations control security at international airports. These regulations are strictly enforced and Bureau members are not exempt from following them.

PROCEDURE (1025.00)

Directive Specific Definitions

Checked: A term referring to checking luggage in at the main ticket counter to be loaded aboard the aircraft by airline employees.

Gate security checkpoints: Those areas containing metal detectors and x-ray devices that are used to scan passengers and their carry-on luggage for contraband.

Official Business at the Airport (1025.00)

a.  Sworn members should notify the Port of Portland (Port) Police of pending trips to the airport for official business.

b.  On-duty sworn members, uniformed and plainclothes assignments, who have official business at the airport, may move freely about the area outside the Gate Security Checkpoints (GSC).

c.  If official business requires members to go beyond one of the GSC, members must do the following:

1.  Show their Bureau identification to airport security personnel (a badge alone will not be accepted).

2.  Notify airport security personnel of their desire to proceed past the GSC.

3.  Wait for a Port police officer to be summoned to their location.

4.  Show his/her Bureau identification to the Port police officer upon their arrival for verification.

5.  Be escorted through the airport’s secure areas by the Port officer.

d.  Those members of the Portland Police Bureau that have been issued PDX Security Badges (Black Star) shall conduct their business in accordance with PortlandInternationalAirport security policies regarding armed law enforcement in secure areas.

Emergency Situation (1025.00)

In an emergency situation that does not allow time to be escorted past the GSCs, members will do the following:

a.  Proceed past the GSC without consulting airport security or waiting for a Port officer.

b.  As the member(s) pass the GSC, he/she will in a clearly audible voice:

1.  Announce his/her presence.

2.  Identify himself/herself as police officer.

3.  State that an emergency situation exists.

This action on the part of the member will set off an alarm, notifying Port police that someone has passed unchecked through a GSC. Port police will locate the member(s) and take appropriate action such as identifying the member(s) as police officers. GSC personnel will forward a report detailing the incident to the FAA.

Traveling on Official Business (1025.00)

The Police Bureau has occasion to send sworn members on official business. When traveling on official business, Bureau members must abide by FAA regulations for law enforcement officers traveling while armed. This requires members to do the following:

a.  Complete the Law Enforcement Officer’s Flying Armed training class.

1.  Members wishing to take this class will contact the Training Division (Training).

b.  Present the following at the main ticket counter:

1.  Law enforcement identification at the main ticket counter. The identification must contain a full-face photograph, the member’s signature and the signature of the authorizing official.

2.  An original letter on Bureau letterhead stationary stating the need to have the member’s weapon accessible in-flight. The letter must contain the member’s specific itinerary and shall be signed by the member’s Branch chief or designee.

3.  A completed Notice to Armed Individuals form (WN-364). This form affirms that the member has completed the Law Enforcement Officer’s Flying Armed training class.

a)  If the member’s itinerary requires more than one WN-364 form, the additional forms will be completed prior to departure and presented to the gate agent at the departure gate.

c.  The member’s weapon should be concealed, unless the uniform design requires it to be exposed. The member’s weapon will remain upon his/ her person throughout the flight.

1.  No weapons will be placed in the overhead bins.

d.  No alcohol will be consumed by a member while traveling armed.

Personal Business (1025.00)

Off-duty members must follow the same procedures concerning firearms and/or ammunition as the general public when going to the airport. The procedures for traveling by air with firearm(s) and/or ammunition is as follows:

a.  Firearm(s) will be packed in a secure container in locked luggage.

b.  The traveling member must be the sole possessor of the luggage key.

c.  Ammunition may be packed in the same luggage but must not be loaded in the firearm(s).

d.  Luggage containing firearms and/or ammunition will be checked.

e.  All firearms and ammunition will be declared when the luggage is checked.

Aircraft Not Associated With the Main Terminal (1025.00)

Companies such as Flightcraft and UPS have operations away from the airport’s main terminal and control their own security. These areas are still subject to FAA regulations. Contact should be made with the controlling company if members have questions or are planning to visit these areas of the airport.