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1030.00 Baton Use

1030.00 BATON USE


  • DIR 1010.10  Deadly Physical Force
  • DIR 1010.20  Physical Force


POLICY (1030.00)

Members will use only those batons issued by the Bureau. The use of baton is governed by the Bureau’s use of physical and deadly force policies and procedures (refer to DIR 1010.10 Deadly Physical Force and 1010.20 Physical Force).

The straight expandable police baton is a mandatory uniform instrument for officers and sergeants assigned to the Operations Branch and Tactical Operations Division. When certified, those members will carry the baton at all times while in uniform. Members required to carry the baton, as well as those desiring to do so, will complete the Bureau’s certification course prior to issuance. Once certified, members will maintain certification.

The PR-24 side-handled baton is issued to every sworn member and is only used in specific tactical situations as directed by a precinct commander.

PROCEDURE (1030.00)

Directive Specific Definitions

Baton: An authorized instrument designed for blocking, jabbing, striking, or to apply control holds while engaged in a police action.

Police action: Any circumstance, on or off duty, in which a sworn member of the Bureau exercises or attempts to exercise official police authority (refer to DIR 1010.10).

Side-handled baton: A Bureau approved baton used only in specific tactical situation as determined by precinct commanders (i.e., crowd control, riot).

Straight expandable baton: A Bureau approved collapsing/telescoping baton issued as standard equipment to certified personnel.


Straight Expandable Baton (1030.00)

The straight expandable baton will be issued upon successful completion of the training and certified course. Requests for training and certification or refresher courses will be directed to the Training Division (Training). Refresher training may be conducted by Training or a certified precinct/division instructor. Copies of certification and refresher training will be maintained by Training.

Side-Handled Baton (1030.00)

PR-24 side-handled batons will be issued to all sworn members. Crowd control and riot training using the PR-24 side-handled baton will be coordinated by Training.

Notification and Reporting of Use (1030.00)

Members using a baton in a police action will verbally notify an on-duty supervisor as soon as practicable and document the incident in a written report prior to the end of shift as required by DIR 1010.20 Physical Force. The supervisor will document any injury requiring medical attention (including medical checks) in an inter-office memorandum, through channels, to his/her Branch chief.

If a member using a baton is incapacitated during a police action, use of the baton will be documented in a report submitted by the supervisor.

Other Instruments Used to Strike or Jab (1030.00)

If it becomes necessary for a member to use another instrument as a striking or jabbing device (i.e., flashlight, pack set, etc.), the use of such an instrument is regulated by the Bureau’s policies regarding the use of physical or deadly force depending upon how the instrument was used. The use of such instruments is strongly discouraged and is appropriate only when the member reasonably believes that other authorized physical force responses are not available.