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0210.20 Milk Expression

* This directive is currently under review*



  • DIR. 410.00 Injuries/Occupational Illness/Disability/LOS
  • City of Portland Administrative Rule: 8.01 Hours of Work
  • City of Portland Administrative Rule: 6.05 Family Medical Leave 


1.1.  The Purpose of this policy is to provide reasonable accommodations to members desiring to express breast milk for the member's infant child. This policy allows the Bureau the flexibility of having a fully trained officer return to work during a time period when she would otherwise be unavailable. 


2.1.  Eligible member: Members who have recently given birth or who have given birth within the last 18 months, and have advised the Bureau of their intent to express milk while at work in either a patrol or non-patrol capacity. 


3.1.  It is the policy of the Bureau to provide reasonable break time and appropriate facilities to accommodate any member desiring to express milk for her nursing child 18 months or younger, in compliance with BHR Rule 8.01 (Hours of Work) and all applicable federal and state laws. 


4.1.  Requests for accommodations to express milk should be submitted in writing by the member through the chain of command.

4.2.  Per BHR Rule 8.01 (Hours of Work), milk expression accommodations will be provided to those members (FLSA covered or exempt) who have a child 18 months or younger.

4.3.  The member will be provided a private location, in close proximity to her work area to express milk.

4.4.  The proximity of a milk expression location will be considered by supervisors when making district assignments for members working patrol.

4.5.  The private location must ensure the member is concealed from view and protected from intrusion by other people. As an example, a public restroom or toilet stall is not an acceptable location.

4.6.  Members will be authorized to leave work duties for the purposes of expressing milk, up to three (3) times a day for thirty (30) minutes each (paid time).

4.7.  Whenever possible, the 30 minute expression period should coincide with the member's regular meal/rest period.

4.8.  Members will be placed in "10-7" status while expressing milk.

4.9.  A member will return to her regular assignment at the end of each expression period. 


5.1.  A member will notify her supervisor in writing of her intent to express milk at work.

5.2.  Sufficient notice should be given to allow the Bureau to make necessary preparations to accommodate the request.

5.3.  If any schedule adjustment is needed within the parameters of 8.01 (Hours of Work) or 6.05 (Family Medical Leave), a written request or application is required.

5.4.  Upon request, the Personnel Division will provide a written Milk Expression Agreement for the requesting member and her supervisor to sign, along with a list of milk expression stations throughout the city. 


6.1.  If a member has a documented medical restriction related to milk expression, the member will provide her supervisor with a medical certification from her treating physician that details any suggested work restrictions.

6.2.  RU managers, in consultation with the Personnel Division, will determine if and how the work restrictions w ill be accommodated. 


7.1.  A member will have the option of purchasing, at her own expense, an exterior ballistic vest prior to returning to patrol. 


8.1.  A member will have the option of a two (2) week desk assignment prior to returning to patrol after being absent as a result of a pregnancy. 


9.1.  Provide written notice of her intent to express milk to her supervisor.

9.2.  Provide supervisor with written certification of any medical restrictions, if applicable. 


10.1.  Forward requests through channels.

10.2.  Present recommendations regarding any required schedule adjustments to the RU Manager for consideration. 


11.1.  Review expression request, and if approved, notify the Personnel Division and the applicable RU that the member will be authorized to leave work duties for the purpose of milk expression. 


12.1  Established: 04/29/13

12.2  Effective: 04/29/13