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0930.00 Notebooks, Duty

930.00, Notebooks, Duty



  • DIR 612.00 Radio Use



1.  Duty notebooks are provided by the Bureau with lined fixed pages.


2.  Duty notebooks will be carried and maintained by all sworn Operations Branch members. However, a Responsible Unit Manager may exempt a member from maintaining a duty notebook in those situations where it does not contribute to the effectiveness of the member’s job performance and/or the assigned is full time administrative in nature.


3.  Notebooks, upon completion, will be maintained for five (5) years.


4.  Notebook Requirements:

4.1.  The front cover of the notebook will be used to record:

4.1.1.  The members printed name and I.D.

4.1.2.  Assignment location and relief.

4.1.3.  The year and sequential number of the notebook.

4.1.4.  The date started and the date completed.

4.1.5.  Telephone number of member’s present precinct or detail.

4.1.6.  Example:  John A. Smith #6719  Central A  2004/#2  Started:  Ended:  Precinct Phone#:

4.2.  The top of a new interior page will be used each working day and the front and back of each page will be used for entries made during the shift.

4.3.  Notebook information stamps will be available to members attending roll calls. Members will stamp the top of a new page of their notebook each workday. The Info section will be used to record appropriate roll call information. Members may keep a secondary notebook to record roll call information.


5.  Notebook Format:

5.1.  Members may format their duty notebooks at their discretion, however, each entry will include:

5.1.1.  Received, arrival, clearance times and call disposition.

5.1.2.  Type of call, activity, or special assignment.

5.1.3.  Location of incident.

5.1.4.  Complainant’s and witnesses’ name, address, phone number (home and business).

5.1.5.  Suspect or defendant info (person and vehicle) descriptions.

5.1.6.  Citation and/or arrest information.

5.1.7.  Brief description of what occurred and action taken.

5.2.  The member’s notebooks should be checked by supervisors periodically. Supervi­sors that are checking notebooks are to sign and date them in the space provided on the information stamp. If no such space is provided then the supervisor will sign and date the notebook under the stamp. Notebooks are subject to inspection by any command staff in the member’s chain of command.

5.3.  Members will promptly forward copies of notebook entries requested by the Records Division in response to public records requests made to the Bureau.