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0210.22, Non-Sworn Non-Represented, FLSA-Exempt Members and Lieutenants Time Tracking

*This Directive is currently under review*

210.22, Non-Sworn Non-Represented, FLSA-Exempt Members and Lieutenants Time Tracking


  • Directive 60.60, Standard Operating Procedure
  • Directive 210.21, Leaves from Service


  1. Consistent with principles of public accountability, non-sworn non-represented, and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempt, Police Bureau members, in addition to members at the rank of lieutenants, shall account for their work time and activities by tracking time.

2. The Chief’s Office will coordinate with the Fiscal Services Division, and the Personnel Division, to approve the tracking and/or calendar format members will use to account for work time and activities.


  1. Tracking Time:

1.1.   Members will maintain a system to track work hours and activities that will be kept for future reference. Tracking of time will be the responsibility of each member, with each member solely and personally accountable for their own record.

1.2.   Time off requires preapproval from a member’s supervisor (to include vacations, holidays, sick time, management leave, etc.). “Partial Day Absences” may be granted occasionally and only with approval from your supervisor as allowed by City Rule; hour-for-hour adjusted time off will not be permitted. A phone call, text, or email request from a member to his/her supervisor with a response will suffice as permission.

1.3.   Each month members will complete the following documents and submit to his/her supervisor no later than the fifteenth (15th) of the following month:

1.3.1.      Outlook calendar with all major appointments and meetings (week view).

1.3.2.      Excel monthly time and balance sheet, which will track the following:            Actual work hours each day (e.g. 0700-1500).            Number of hours worked (e.g. 8)            Excess hours worked including the reason            Adjusted days off            Balance of excess hours            Sick time used            Vacation time used            Holiday time used            Management Leave        Partial Day Absences

2. Supervisor Responsibilities:

2.1.   Each supervisor will review member documentation for completion before submitting, through the chain of command, to the Responsibility Unit Manager.

3. Responsibility Unit Manager Responsibilities:  

3.1.   Responsibility Unit Managers will review member documentation for completion. Each Responsibility Unit will have established Standard Operating Procedure on timekeeping responsibilities. Each Responsibility Unit will maintain copies of approved requests and time keeping documentation for a period seven (7) years to comply with federal statute of limitations.


  • Originating Directive Effective: 01/01/07
  • First Revision Effective: 09/12/08
  • Second Revision Effective: 01/07/09
  • Third Revision Effective: 01/20/16
  • Fourth Revision Effective: 03/14/16
  • Next Review Date: 03/14/18
  • Review By: Fiscal Services Division