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Get a Free U-Lock

U-Lock? U Rock!

What is “U-lock? U rock!” ?

An innovative pilot project to combat bike theft. Co-sponsored by Project 529 and ABUS. Funded by the Portland Police Bureau and Portland Department of Transportation. Implemented by the Bike Theft Task Force. This program is designed as an educational tool to encourage the public to properly secure their bikes in Portland. Additionally, we hope to reinforce the high importance of bike registration, which is currently the weakest link to the universal bike theft puzzle.

Why are we offering this program?

          Bikes secured by only cable locks are proven to be targeted by bike thieves and stolen at a very high rate in Portland. U-locks are vastly superior to cables and stolen at a very low comparable rate. Often one barrier to purchasing a good U-lock is the added cost. We hope that this offer will allow riders to overcome this barrier to properly lock their bike and therefore prevent being the victim of theft.

Details on obtaining a FREE U-lock

We will have a limited number of locks on hand, so we are limiting this to one per person.

To take advantage of this offer, participants will need to:

  1. Bring in a used cable lock to turn in
  2. Bring their bike with them
  3. Register their bike with Project 529 (FREE) or show prove of prior registration
  4. Demonstrate proper locking with the U-lock
  5. They will be given an ABUS 410 U-lock/ with cable lock for accessory locking
  6. Encouraged, but not required… an opportunity to cut their old cable lock with bolt cutters! J

It should be noted that though we may run out of U-locks at an event, we will offer unlimited FREE bike registration for anyone who attends!

Where will these locks be given out?

At our Bike Theft Task Force tent at each Sunday Parkways events:  June 26, July 24, August 21, October 2. Hours are between 11-5.

Additionally, we hope to provide this at an event downtown Portland in September, location/time TBD.

Hope to see you there!