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Personal Safety Workshops

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Personal Safety Workshops
WomenStrength personal safety workshops are designed to introduce adults to a variety of self-protective options in a short, non-physical, discussion format. The basic workshop covers:
  • prevention strategies
  • recognizing when one is being targeted for an attack
  • the pros and cons of various options for ending an attack
Discussion is designed to help people identify their risks and evaluate their strengths, and to explore their options for dealing with the threat of violence.
We will tailor the workshop for your group!
Specific workshops:
  • For women identified people who have Intellectual or developmental disabilities (2 hours in length, includes physical self-defense skills)
  • For women identified people who use mobility devices (2 hours in length, includes physical self-defense skills)
  • Co-ed work groups (90 minutes in length, does NOT include physical self-defense skills)
  • Women's groups (90 minutes-2 hours in length, option of including physical self-defense skills)
In WomenStrength personal safety workshops, emphasis is placed on options, not rigid safety rules. A workshop is a great place to explore some available options to see which feel comfortable. Among the options discussed are weapons, strange behavior, actively choosing to do nothing, running, verbal strategies, and physical fighting. No physical skills are taught in the workshops, but information on classes will be provided to those who want to learn physical self-defense.
Unlike our physical self-defense classes, WomenStrength personal safety workshops are available for self-organized groups within the Portland city limits. Workshops can be customized for specific needs of groups. The optimal length of time for the workshop is one to two hours. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your group, call the WomenStrength program director at 503-823-0260.
WomenStrength Personal Safety Workshops
  • are free.
  • are subject to availability of an instructor for the date requested.
  • are available at worksites or for private groups.
  • are for adult persons .
  • co-ed groups do not include any physical self-defense skills.
  • are taught by the director of the WomenStrength program or the volunteer staff of self-defense instructors.
Workshop Request Form
To request a workshop, please fill out the workshop request form and email