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Metadata for Offense Open Data

Metadata for Reported Crime Open Data Download

Cases deemed sensitive due to the nature of the crime, victim, victim/offender relationship, or investigation status may contain data that cannot be shared openly at this time. Case numbers and specific location information for sensitive cases are not included in the open data.

Case Number The case year and number for the reported incident (YY-######).
Sensitive cases have been randomly assigned a case number and are denoted by an X following the case year (YY-X######).
Report Date Date the incident was reported.
Report Time Time the incident was reported.
The time is reported in the 24-hour clock format, with the first two digits representing hour (ranges from 00 to 23) and the second two digits representing minutes (ranges from 00 to 59).
Note: By default, Microsoft Excel removes leading zeroes when importing data. For more help with this issue, refer to Microsoft's help page.
Report Month Year Month and year the incident was reported.
Occur Date Date the incident occurred. The exact occur date is sometimes unknown. In most situations, the first possible date the crime could have occurred is used as the occur date. (For example, victims return home from a week-long vacation to find their home burglarized. The burglary could have occurred at any point during the week. The first date of their vacation would be listed as the occur date.)
Address Address of reported incident at the 100 block level (e.g.: 1111 SW 2nd Ave would be 1001 Block SW 2nd Ave).
To protect the identity of victims and other privacy concerns, the address location of certain case types are not released.
Neighborhood Neighborhood where incident occurred.
If the neighborhood name is missing, the incident occurred outside of the boundaries of the Portland neighborhoods or at a location that could not be assigned to a specific address in the system (e.g., Portland, near Washington Park, on the streetcar, etc.). Note: Neighborhood boundaries and designations vary slightly from those found on the Office of Neighborhood Involvement website.
Crime Against Crime against category (Person, Property, or Society)
Offense Category Category of offense (for example, Assault Offenses)
Offense Type Type of offense (for example, Aggravated Assault)
Offense Count Number of the offense type to count for the incident. Always one except for motor vehicle thefts, where multiple cars may be stolen on a case and each stolen car is counted as an offense.