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317.40 Authorized Use of Bureau Resources

317.40, Authorized Use of Bureau Resources

Universal Review 3/8/17-4/6/17


  • City of Portland, Human Resources Administrative Rules 4.08, Information Technologies
  • City of Portland, Human Resources Administrative Rules 4.09, Use of City Resources
  • Directive 120.00, Inspections, Responsibility, and Authority
  • Directive 1245.00, Vehicles


1. The Bureau entrusts members with appropriate use of all Bureau resources, including and especially information technology and vehicles. Bureau resources include, but are not limited to, City facilities, office fixtures, office supplies or equipment, electronic and physical records, police uniform and equipment, information technology (e.g. mobile devices, computers, telecommunications hardware, software and systems which utilize communication networks, etc.), and vehicles. Less obvious examples of Bureau resources include work time, data, and information.

2. The appropriate use of resources relates directly to official activity which the member was hired to perform and the resource is used for its intended purpose, in accordance with the law (e.g. state, local, contracts, licenses, property rights, records, etc.) and approved policy, procedure, or training. Conversely, inappropriate use of resources include, but are not limited to, facilitating unauthorized access or modification, negligent or purposeful misuse, abuse, breach, damage, destruction, loss, or theft.

3. City of Portland Rights as a Public Employer:

3.1.   Members shall have no expectation of personal privacy in the use of City resources; for example passwords are used to protect the security of City systems, data, information, and records.

3.2.   The use of City resources constitutes an express consent to monitoring at all times.

3.3.   The City reserves the right to search, without member consent, all areas and property over which the City maintains joint or full control. All City vehicles, equipment, offices, desks, files, and lockers are subject to search by management. Searches shall be conducted in the presence of the member, if practical. If the member is not available, or if the member so requests, a reasonable time will be allowed for a representative to be present before a search is conducted. The limitation on the City’s right to examine City property contained in this paragraph does not apply to property used jointly by more than one (1) member.

3.4.   The use of City resources generates public records, subject to public records law (e.g. retention, confidentiality, disclosure). 

3.5.   The use of City resources could invoke a collective bargaining provision(s) or right(s). Should there be a conflict between a City right and a collective bargaining provision or right, the collective bargaining provision or right prevails. The use of City resources may also be subject to other state and federal laws, such as free speech and association.

4. Important points about member use of information technologies include:

4.1.   All aspects of information technology (e.g. purchase, issuance, use, modifications, maintenance, etc.) are managed by or in conjunction with the Bureau of Technology Services.

4.2.   Members are issued information technologies because they have a need to remain in contact with the public, other members, and the chain of command to conduct official police business.

4.3.   With limited exception, there shall be no personal use of information technologies. Limited exceptions may include family emergencies, unforeseen work schedule changes, or communications regarding collective bargaining activities. Even under these circumstances use should be of short duration, should not result in public expense, and should not interfere with job activities.

4.4.   The use of camera or video recording features with a Bureau issued cellular phone or equipment will be restricted to Police Bureau business. Any other use of this technology is strictly prohibited.

4.5.   Members shall not reveal their log in credentials without supervisor approval.

4.6.   Accessing the City’s internal networks from member-owned computing devices may subject the member’s personal devices to public records law disclosures. The Bureau strongly encourages members not to access internal City networks from members’ personal devices.

5. For Portland Police Bureau policy determinations about the use of vehicles please refer to Directive 1245.00, Vehicles.

6. Members are required to appropriately use Bureau resources and report inappropriate uses of Bureau resources to their supervisor or up the chain of command.

7. Command Staff Responsibilities:

7.1.   Ensure Bureau resources are managed (e.g. acquired, assigned, used, inspected, modified, repaired, replaced, etc.) in proper order in accordance with Directive 120.00, Inspections, Responsibility and Authority.

7.2.   Educate their direct reports on proper use of Bureau resources (e.g. standard operating procedure, direction or demonstration, coordination of training, etc.).

7.3.   Respond to a report of inappropriate use by members.