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1090.00 Special Weapons Use

Refer:        DIR 635.10 Crowd Control

                  DIR 720.00 SERT and HNT Use

                  DIR 1010.10 Deadly Physical Force

                  DIR 1010.20 Physical Force

1. Policy

1.1.      It is the policy of the Bureau that members use only those weapons for which they are authorized through directives or Chief’s orders. The only members authorized to carry or use special weapons are members of SERT and RRT who have successfully completed, within the last 12 months, the special weapons qualified response courses as required by the SERT and RRT training policy.

1.2.      The use of special weapons is governed by the Bureau’s use of physical and deadly force policies and procedures (refer to DIR 1010.10 Deadly Physical Force and 1010.20 Physical Force). 

2. Directive Specific Definitions

  • Police Action: Any circumstance, on duty or off duty, in which a sworn member exercises or attempts to exercise police authority. 
  • Special Weapons: Any weapons provided, or approved, by the Bureau and authorized to be used only by trained SERT and RRT members in a police action. Examples of special weapons include non-aerosol contained chemical agents (including CS gas), automatic weapons, rifles and other special tactical weapons and ammunition. 

3. Procedure

3.1.      Responsibilities:

3.1.1.      The decision to activate or deactivate SERT in an emergency police action will only be made by the on-scene commander (refer to DIR 720.00).

3.1.2.      The decision to deploy or use special weapons in an emergency police action will be made only by the SERT leader.

3.1.3.      The decision to deploy chemical agents or special impact munitions in a crowd dispersal situation will be made by the Incident Supervisor (refer to DIR 635.10).

3.1.4.      SERT and RRT will be responsible for developing and conducting annual special weapons response courses, and for establishing qualification and familiarization standards for their respective teams.

3.1.5.      Training will be responsible for maintaining complete training records of participating members.