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215.00 Sworn Represented Member Performance Evaluations

215.00, Sworn Represented Member Performance Evaluations

1st Universal Review: 6/8/17-7/7/17 


  • Directive 345.00, Employee Information System (EIS)
  • Performance Evaluation Form 


  • Semi-Annual Performance Evaluation: A formal performance evaluation to be conducted by a supervisor on an employee’s yearly work anniversary and every six (6) months thereafter (e.g., a sworn represented employee with a hire date in March would be evaluated in March and September of every year).  Evaluations are due the last day of the month in which the anniversary occurs. Each evaluation will cover the previous six (6) months of employee performance. Semi-Annual evaluations are for sworn represented employees who have completed their initial eighteen (18) month probation period.


1.  The Portland Police Bureau recognizes the importance of open, meaningful dialogue between members and their supervisor on the topic of work performance and career development. Supervisors will conduct semi-annual performance evaluations with each sworn represented employee under their direct supervision according to the rating factors set out in the performance evaluation. Other employees, including sworn non-represented employees, are evaluated in accordance with other City and Bureau policies and not this Directive. 

2.  Performance evaluations are not a disciplinary tool and will not impact an employee’s contractual pay increase(s). Performance evaluations will not be used in the promotional process unless there is a tie in score(s) among the ranked list of eligible candidates for promotion. Evaluations are meant as a professional development tool. Evaluations should be used to identify areas of strengths and areas needing improvement for a particular period of time and may include:

2.1.  Recognizing and commending member’s performance strengths,

2.2.  Drawing attention to areas of concern,

2.3.  Providing guidance on correcting areas of concern,

2.4.  Acknowledging individual accomplishments during the review period. 


1.  Supervisor Responsibilities:

1.1.  Schedule a semi-annual performance evaluation with each sworn represented employee who reports directly to that supervisor.

1.1.1.  A performance evaluation cycle begins and ends with the employee’s hire month anniversary date and every six (6) months thereafter.

1.1.2.  Performance evaluations will be completed by the last day of the month in which the semi-annual anniversary occurs.

1.2.  Complete a Performance Evaluation Form for each scheduled review using the rating factors as described in the performance evaluations.

1.2.1.  The Performance Evaluation Form is located under “Forms and Reference” on the Intranet.

1.3.  Forward to a second supervisor for review, comment, and signature (If more than one sergeant works in the same unit).

1.4.  Conduct a formal review of the evaluation with the employee. The formal performance evaluation review should include the supervisor’s observations and should include a discussion of each category of the performance evaluation.

1.4.1.  The Bureau member may prepare a written rebuttal and or add comments only in the area provided or they may attach their rebuttal and comments.

1.4.2.  If a member transfers to another division in the middle of a review period, the supervisor will consult with the employee’s previous supervisor.

1.5.  After meeting with the employee, send the original through channels to the Responsibility Unit Manager or their approved designee. The completed performance evaluation and any rebuttal will then be electronically forwarded to the Personnel Division in a non-editable format for inclusion in the employee’s 201 file and the Bureau of Human Resources employee file. One printed copy should remain in the employee’s Field 201 file. 

2.  Public Records Requests:

2.1.  The Bureau considers performance evaluations generally to be exempt from public disclosure. The Bureau will not release performance evaluations unless required to do so by law.