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BAC Minutes - December 19, 2018


Portland Police Bureau Budget Advisory Committee Meeting

DATE:  December 19, 2018

ATTENDEES:  Community representatives: Anthony De Los Reyes, Mark Klein, Musse Olol, Fred Sanchez, Barbee Williams; Bureau representatives: Sergeant Tom Perkins, PPB Labor representative, Shyvonne Williams, Equity Representative, Assistant Chief Chris Davis, Chief’s Office, Christy Owen, Fiscal, Bob Del Gizzi, Fiscal, Catherine Reiland, Fiscal, Katie Shifley, City Budget Office

Catherine Reiland presented the draft plan to meet the approximately $2 million (1%) constraint on FY2019-20 Current Appropriation Level.  The plan is still in draft form, with final direction expected in early January.

Bob Del Gizzi and Christy Owen presented possible directives to develop request packages to address goals which include:

RECORDS: Package will include ongoing resources to address the backlog of public records requests and to address the backlog of reports awaiting entry into the Records Management System (RMS)

COMMUNICATIONS: Package will include ongoing funding for 1.0 FTE nonsworn media strategist

ACCOUNTABILITY: Package will include additional ongoing resources to meet DOJ agreement timelines for investigations and to ensure PPB conducts quality investigations; also includes requests for ongoing funding for 1.0 FTE tasked with the bureau directives process, and ongoing funding for a city attorney to assist with the directive process

RegJIN: Package will include a one-time funding request to cover the expense gap left to PPB due to fewer partners in the Regional Justice Information Network (REGJIN), and RMS system replacement funds

The bureau will complete the Direction to Develop template and submit to the Mayor’s office for final approval.

Catherine Reiland led an exercise that is part of the Budget Equity Assessment Tool called the Identifying Impacts Worksheet.  The BAC was asked to think about and comment on populations impacted, potential positive impacts, and potential negative impacts of including the above packages in PPB’s budget.  The following table shows feedback on the Records and Communications packages noted above:



Populations Impacted

Potential Positive Impacts

Potential Negative Impacts


-Victims of crime of all   demographics

-Victims not charged for   reports

-Reports produced faster so   restitution faster

-Data collection can focus   crime reduction resources where crime occurs, rather than blanketing   areas/populations

-Community advocates have   greater access to information that can be used to assist populations in need

-Data can increase   transparency

-Over policing in areas of   focus


-Non-English speaking

-Hearing impaired

-Consistent message that   reaches all demographics

-Use of all media types can   reach wider audiences

-Proactive messaging

-Highlight positive PPB   activities

-Can focus on messaging to   marginal communities

-Inadequate cultural   competency

-Disconnect from PPB as a   whole – message has to be real









The committee was not able to complete the table for the Accountability and RegJIN packages.  The committee was asked to complete the table individually and provide feedback by January 9, 2019.

The next BAC meeting is scheduled for January 16th, 2019.