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The Overtime Dashboard is an interactive data visualization of Portland Police Bureau usage of overtime. This tool provides custom analysis of overtime data to interested members of the community and general public.

Overtime is reported using data maintained by the Portland Police Bureau's UDAR software system. The data is a record of overtime usage by Report Units (RUs) and Activity type, which will be refreshed on a monthly basis.

Technical Specifications

The dashboard has been customized to functional on personal computers, smart phones, and tablets. For the best experience with the entire range of interactivity it is recommended you use a desktop or laptop computer.

No additional software is required to use this tool. The visualization runs completely within the internet browser using JavaScript. Most modern browsers automatically activate JavaScript; however, it may be turned off based on the security settings of your computer. For more information on activating JavaScript, refer to the browser's help section or click here for help on Windows computers or click her for help on Apple computers.

Visualization Walkthrough & How-To

The dashboard is an interactive data visualization. This interactivity allows user to filter information based on questions they hope to answer with the provided dataset. An overview of the pre-built filters and an explanation of the visuals is included in the following sections.


There are three tabs on this dashboard, located at the top-left of the page. Simply click on the headers to toggle between pages.

Page Tabs


At the top, right of each page are filters. They consist of dropdown menus that be used to narrow down the visualized data. To use, click on the down arrow within the filter box, select or deselect the check boxes, click the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the dropdown, then click the down arrow again to close the box. Multiple filters can be applied at a time.

filters image

Undo, Redo, and Rest Icons

Do not use the browser's back and forward buttons to undo filters applied or to navigate between pages. To undo a filter or selection, click the 'undo' icon located at the bottom-right of the page. To go forward or 'redo' an action, click the redo icon. To reset all data and action and restore to its default position, click the 'reset' icon.

undo redo and reset icons

First Tab: Overtime Work Hours per Day by Month

Page one image

The first tab displays the average number of hours Bureau employees spend working overtime on a daily basis by month. For example, if the figure for May 2019 displays '559', then Bureau employees worked an average of 559 overtime hours each day for that month. To see the total volume of hours worked for that month, hover over the point and a pop-up will display the figure. The blue-dotted line represents the daily average for the entire selected time period. Hover over the line to view a pop-up of the daily average, which is also displayed at the far-left of the graph above the line.

The display will update based on the usage of the filters.

Second Tab: Overtime Work Hours Comparison

This visualization allows users to compare Reporting Units (RUs) and overtime Activity types side-by-side. Each bar represents the total amount of overtime. The blue shaded portion is the number of hours worked, and the orange the number of hours paid. The worked hours are displayed on the blue bars. To view the paid hours, hover over the bars to view a pop-up box with the figures.

Hours worked and paid bar

RUs and Activity are displayed alphabetically by default, but to toggle the sorting and sort by volume click on the sort icon. The icon is located to the right of the "?" mark icon. Hover to the right of the "?" icon and the sort icon will appear, which can then be clicked.

help icon

The comparison selector dropdown menu allows users to toggle between comparing overtime by RU and overtime by Activity. Filters are also displayed in the top-right of the dashboard.

comparison selection dropdown box


Download Image, PDF, or PowerPoint

To save/download the displayed visual, navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of the page. Click on the 'download' icon to display a box prompt.

download icon image

For an image of the currently displayed page click 'Image' and the prompts will guide you through saving.

To download multiple pages or save as a PDF, click 'PDF' within the prompt box.

download prompt box

Four options will be displayed: 'Include' (allows you to choose the current view or multiple pages of the dashboard), 'Scaling' (it is recommended you choose 'Automatic' to ensure proper dimensions), 'Paper Size' (if printing or want to save in a different-sized format), and 'Orientation' (the dashboard is displayed vertically, so it is suggested you use the 'Portrait' option). To save multiple pages use the 'Include' dropdown menu and select 'specific sheets from the workbook'. You can then click on the displayed thumbnail images you wish to download, or simply choose 'Select All' to save all pages. Click 'Create PDF' when finished. Follow the prompts to complete the download.

pdf download diaglog box image


Download Data

For ease of use, the third tab has been created for downloading the raw data. Note that you cannot download using the 'download' icon used for image saving. Navigate to the third tab and simply click on the displayed icon to download the data set.