You may fill out an online report only if:

1. The incident occurred within the City of Portland, Oregon and the Police Bureau service area. Here is a link to a map of Portland to assist you. [PDF MAP]

2. There are no known or named suspects.

3. Do not report any crimes that are domestic related.

4. Do not report crimes involving loss of Firearms or Narcotic Prescription Medications.

5. Do not report stolen vehicles or vehicle accidents online.

6. The incident must fall into one of the following crime types:

Crime Types that can be reported online:

Additional Property Information

To add information to a previously made report such as stolen property details or additional property information. - You must have the case number from the prior report to proceed. This includes stolen property lists for thefts or burglaries as well as details like serial numbers for previously reported losses. May also include details of stolen or lost identification, credit cards and other items of value.

Hit and Run (non injury)

Hit and run accident involving your vehicle or property where no one was injured and there is no suspect info.

Lost Property

Lost or misplaced property that was not stolen. This includes the loss of any personal item such as, wallets, purses, credit cards, identification, and cell phones.


Loss of merchandise from a business, where the suspect is unknown and property is gone. This includes "beer runs" at convenience stores.

Suspicious Activity

Activities of a person or vehicle that might be described as unusual, suspect, dubious, or questionable. This includes incidents where there are no known or named suspects, occurring within the past day. The person or vehicle is no longer present. Does not include incidents occurring right now, or incidents involving weapons of any kind or physical encounters. This is just a documentation of witnessed activity.


The theft of items from a publicly accessible space. This includes thefts from any location that is normally accessible to the public without breaking into a building: thefts from public streets, parking lots, front yards, publicly accessible work spaces, or any public area that someone could access and remove another's property. This does not include stolen vehicles.

Theft From Vehicle

The theft of items from inside or outside of a vehicle, stolen equipment or belongings from a vehicle or attempts to remove parts of the vehicle. You can also report any damage that occurred during the attempt to remove items or parts from the vehicle.

Vandalism (Excluding Graffiti)

Intentional damage to a residential property or business by another person. Damage does not include graffiti / Damage is not from another vehicle. This includes intentional damage to your residence, residential property or business property. To Report Graffiti go to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement Website.

Vandalism to a Motor Vehicle

Tampering with a Motor vehicle. Keying, broken windows, or flattened tire.

If your crime type is not listed:
Call the non-emergency number.
If you have more questions:
Please read our
Frequently Asked Questions.

After you complete your Online Report:

  1. See the words: Your Citizen Online Report has been submitted showing that your police report is complete.

  2. Be given a TEMPORARY police report number. Please note: this is not the official PPB case number. The official case number and report will be sent to you after the officer has reviewed and approved the report.

  3. Be able to print a copy of the police report for your records.

Please Be Aware:

  1. All cases filed using the Citizen Online Reporting System will be reviewed by an officer.

  2. Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted. When the report is approved you will receive an official case number.

  3. Filing a false police report is a crime.

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