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Two Human Traffickers with Victims in Multiple Cities across the United States Indicted in Portland for Brutally Assaulting and Trafficking Two Women in Portland

May 10, 2021 16:48

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

On November 11, 2020, members of a US Marshals Task Force were in the 9700 Block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard looking for a wanted fugitive.

During their surveillance they noticed two suspicious men leaving a hotel room unrelated to their fugitive. A member of the US Marshals Task Force was able to see into the room the men had just left and saw a woman bound to a chair who had been severely assaulted. The US Marshals put a plan into place to immediately rescue the woman. They notified the Portland Police Bureau and requested medical attention. The Portland Police Bureau Human Trafficking Unit responded to the scene and took lead on the investigation.

While Portland Police were on the scene, a second trafficking victim was located and rescued a short distance away. The sec

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