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Hostile Crowd Engages in Unlawful Assembly at East Precinct (Photo)

April 18, 2021 00:20


The demonstration advertised for Lents Park did not require any police response as there was no report of criminal activity, however a hostile crowd later formed outside East Precinct.

At about 10:00p.m., a group of about 70 people formed in front of East Precinct, 737 Southeast 106th Avenue. The group began moving into the street, blocking traffic. Many in the group wore helmets, body armor, and had heavy backpacks, which was consistent with the characteristics of those intent on criminal behavior.

Some individuals began to roll two large dumpsters from a nearby school into the street toward the precinct. Because dumpsters have been used many times as vessels to start fires, the Unified Command of Portland Police Bureau and Portland Fire & Rescue determined it was likely

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