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Portland Police Bureau Investigating Report of Explosive Devices Thrown at Protestors in Laurelhurst Park (Photo)

August 08, 2020 19:14


The Portland Police Bureau is investigating reports that a person or persons threw explosive devices at protestors in the early morning hours of Saturday August 8, 2020.

At 2:28 a.m., officers responded to a 9-1-1 call at Laurelhurst Park on the report of a disturbance and "bombs" going off. Officers arrived in the area and spoke to some witnesses along the Stark Street side of the park, but the witnesses did not report hearing anything. Other officers observed people in the park who were shining lights at the police before scattering out of the area.

Several hours later, social media users posted photos (see attached) and videos of what appears to be some kind of explosive device and an explosion in the park. There has been no information shared about any reported injuries. Continue Reading...

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