UPDATED:Portland Police Searching for Missing Nine-Year-Old

UPDATED:Portland Police Searching for Missing Nine-Year-Old

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

February 06, 2010 19:38



Lillian has been found and is being returned home. She was at a friend's house. She is safe and uninjured. Thank you for your help.


I apologize for the inconvenience but the air card on this computer cannot handle the size of the photographs. They will be delivered to all media via the Identification Division.


Attached are two photographs of Lillian. She was last seen wearing the pants and sweater shown in the photo labeled jackson2.

Original Message:

Portland Police Officers are searching the area of N.E. 42nd Avenue and N.E. Killingsworth Street for Lillian Jackson, a nine-year-old female African-American. Lillian is described as about 4 feet tall, thin with straight black hair to her shoulder and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing blue jeans with purple trim, a white backless summer shirt, a purple sweater, a pink knee length coat with fur on the sleeves and hood and a black backpack. She has pierced ears.

We are asking any responding media to come to the P.C.C. parking lot at N.E. 42nd Avenue and N.E. Killingsworth Street. The staging area will be the north portion of the parking lot. Because we are using urban search dogs it is important that we minimize scent contamination of the surrounding neighborhoods. We are working on providing digital photographs of Lillian and will make those available as soon as possible.


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