UPDATED:Portland Police Officers Respond To Dog Ma

UPDATED:Portland Police Officers Respond To Dog Ma

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

June 01, 2010 13:02


The Portland Police Bureau has turned the investigation of the dog attack portion of this incident over to Multnomah County Animal Services. The dog was classified as a Level 4 Potentially Dangerous Dog and had a number of restrictions. The animals owner was not complying with these restrictions, which included, being muzzled and not being at the location of the incident.

Additional Questions regarding the animal attack can made to Mike Oswald at 503-988-7387 x 25234.

Original Update:

On May 31st, 2010 at approximately 9:30 A.M., Portland Police Officers responded to the area of S.E. 125th and Powell Court on reports of a pit bull mauling an adult male. As officers responded they received additional calls indicating that the dog had bitten a second person.

Officers arrived on-scene and found the dog atop an adult male. At the male's request an officer fired one round at the dog. This caused the dog to flee. A second officer followed the dog while medical responded to check the victim.

The animal turned on the second officer and was shot again. This second shot put killed the dog.

Officers identified two victims in this attack. One was transported to an area hospital with sever but most likely not life-threatening injuries. The second individual, an adult female, suffered puncture wounds but did not go to the hospital.

This incident is still under investigation.


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