PPB Announces Name Changes of Units/Divisions

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

February 12, 2020 14:27


The Portland Police Bureau has renamed units/divisions within its organizational structure and wants to make the public aware of these changes to avoid any confusion.

In 2019, the Drugs and Vice Division (DVD) was placed under the command of the Tactical Operations Division (TOD). Operationally, this has no effect to the mission of DVD which is and will continue to be to conduct high level criminal investigations designed to dismantle and disrupt illegal drug trafficking organizations operating within and adjacent to the City of Portland with the goal of reducing the public harm caused through the sales and use of illegal narcotics.

To be more aligned with the mission, however, the Police Bureau has renamed the unit to Narcotics and Organized Crime (NOC).

In addition, the Domestic Violence Reduction Unit, Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team, Violation Restraining Order/Gun Dispossession Detail and the Elder Crimes and Vulnerable Adults Unit will collectively be renamed the Special Victims Unit. In the past six years, the responsibilities of these units which are under the Family Services Division have been expanded to serve the needs of these communities. The name change was made to better reflect the duties of this division and be in alignment with similarly composed police investigative units nationally.

To see a copy of the Bureau's organizational chart, visit: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/article/744538



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