Update: Arrest Information for June 2nd Demonstrations (Photo)

June 03, 2020 17:08


*See below for information regarding arrests and detentions*

Three juveniles were detained and released, one adult subject was detained and released, one adult subject was detained and cited, and eleven adults were booked.

The below individuals were booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center from the demonstration that began the evening of June 2, 2020 and continued into the morning of June 3, 2020:

*Quinn Molloy, 24-year-old, Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer
*Jerett Barnhouse, 36-year-old, Riot, Disorderly Conduct II, Harassment
*James Davidson, 28-year-old, Theft II, Criminal Mischief II (three counts), Unlawful Entry of a Motor Vehicle (three counts)
*Hollis McClure, 37-year-old, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Resist Arrest
*Gregory Samson, 65-year-old, Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Harassment
*Emery Loya, 21-year-old, Disorderly Conduct II
*Raistlin Dragoo, 25-year-old, Riot, Disorderly Conduct II
*Ezekiel Cox, 22-year old, Disorderly Conduct II
*Kaitlyn Callahan, 22-year-old, Disorderly Conduct II, and Interfering with a Peace Officer
*Bryan Sanchez, 32-year-old, Disorderly Conduct, Interfering with a Peace Officer
*Daniel Kellenberger, 33-year-old, Disorderly Conduct II, Criminal Mischief II, Riot, Interfering with a Peace Officer


On June 2, 2020, at about 6:00 p.m. two organized groups of demonstrators gathered in the city of Portland for the fifth day. One group gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Downtown Portland and the other gathered at Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland.

Multiple thousands of peaceful demonstrators marched from Revolution Hall, to join the group at Pioneer Courthouse Square. While marching to Pioneer Courthouse Square, the group stopped briefly to lay down mid-span on the Burnside Bridge. Once both groups joined together at Pioneer Courthouse Square, demonstrators peacefully rallied for several hours.

While the peaceful demonstration was still occurring at Pioneer Courthouse Square, several hundred other protesters attempted to breech the security fence at Southwest 4th Avenue and Southwest Taylor Street. Protesters were throwing projectiles at officers securing the fencing, including mortars, glass bottles, and baseball bats. Protesters were admonished this was a civil disturbance and Portland Police declared the area of Southwest 4th Avenue and Southwest Taylor Street an unlawful assembly. The protesters were told to disperse immediately. Protesters continued to throw projectiles at officers; crowd control munitions were used to disperse the crowd.

The peaceful demonstration at Pioneer Courthouse Square concluded around 10:00 p.m. with thousands peacefully marching back to Revolution Hall.

At about 11:15 p.m., hundreds of protestors assembled again at the fencing located at Southwest 4th Avenue and Southwest Taylor Street. The group remained peaceful for about 30 minutes.

At about 11:45 p.m. the protestors again started throwing projectiles at officers. The protesters again were admonished this was an unlawful assembly and they needed to leave. Protesters from the 4th level of a nearby parking garage started throwing large objects at officers. Crowd control munitions were used to disperse the crowd.

At about 12:20 a.m., a large group of protesters started using barricades to block the intersection of southwest 6th Avenue and Southwest Yamhill Street. Pallets and other items were being used to create a large pile. A bucket of what was believed to be an accelerant was poured on the large pile of items by a protestor. There was significant concern about the dangerousness of the situation and life safety risk for those in the vicinity. It again was announced this was a civil disturbance and people needed to leave the area now. Officers drove through the large pile of items to prevent the pile from being ignited.

There is a widely circulating news video showing a police vehicle striking a barricade near Southwest 6th Avenue and Yamhill Street. PPB command staff are researching the circumstances surrounding this incident.

The crowd fractured into smaller groups, for about several hours. Protestors set fires, created mayhem, and civil disturbance. Officers made arrests and continued to disperse the small groups. Most of the groups had dispersed around 2 a.m.

PPB members were joined in partnership by members of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, Washington County Sheriff's Office, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Vancouver Police Department, Gresham Police Department, Port of Portland Police Department, Oregon State Police and the National Guard. These teams effectively worked together to ensure the safety for all persons in the City of Portland. Some of the partner agencies managed emergency calls for service not related to the demonstration, while others assisted with crowd management.

Officers arrested or detained over a dozen individuals. Information is still being gathered about those arrested and the charges; this information will be updated when it is available. One firearm (PHOTO) and a replica firearm were seized from two separate individuals who were arrested.

"I want to recognize the thousands of demonstrators who came downtown in a peaceful manner and exercised their first amendment rights," said Chief Jami Resch. "There are many thousands of you who are not involved in violence and destruction and I thank you. I still hear your message and know the others who are engaging in criminal acts do not represent you. Many others aggressively engaged in acts of violence directed at the police tonight. Fireworks, bottles, bats, ball bearings, batteries and other projectiles were thrown at police throughout the night. Every day is a different situation and events unfold at a rapid pace. I ask if demonstrators are planning to come downtown in the coming days to avoid bringing children, heed sound truck warnings and obey lawful orders."



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