One person stabbed as crowds disperse after hours outside of Federal Courthouse in Downtown Portland

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July 25, 2020 03:47


On July 24, 2020 thousands of people gathered in downtown Portland outside the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse and Justice Center. Crowds listened to speakers outside the Justice Center for over two hours as the crowd grew.

At 10:58 p.m. people began shaking the fence surrounding the Federal Courthouse. Others shot fireworks over the fence. Federal law enforcement gave announcements over a public address system. At about 11:04 p.m. federal law enforcement came out in front of the Federal Courthouse and attempted to disperse the crowd using various munitions.

Many in the crowd had gas masks, shields, leaf blowers, power tools, fireworks and lasers. Hundreds of people remained along the fence attempting to pull or push it over. Some attempted to cut the fence with power tools. People shot fireworks and threw objects over the fence at federal law enforcement. This activity went on at varying levels of intensity for over three hours.

Throughout the night people lit small fires in the area. At about 2:15 a.m., Sunday, July 25, 2020, people lit a fire in the middle of the intersection of SW 3rd Avenue and SW Salmon Street. At about 2:30 a.m. federal law enforcement began dispersing the crowd, entering the street for the first time this morning.

At about 2:31 a.m. there was a report of a stabbing near SW 5th Avenue and SW Salmon Street. Federal law enforcement were out on the street at the time. Portland Police officers began investigating the stabbing and trying to find the victim. Portland Police officers located the victim and medics with them provided first aid. The victim was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Portland Police officers took the suspect into custody nearby. While investigating the stabbing, Portland Police gave public address announcements to people in the crowd ordering them to stay back while officers conducted their investigation.

While that was going on Portland Police officers came into the area to secure the scene at SW 3rd Avenue and SW Salmon Street so Portland Fire & Rescue could respond to put out the fire there.

Over the next hour more the crowd dispersed.


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