Arrests Made During Mass Gathering at Kelly Building

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August 04, 2020 02:49


On Monday, August 3, 2020, multiple events took place. At about 9:00p.m., vehicles were used by protesters to block traffic in downtown Portland around Lownsdale Square park. However, the gathering was mostly peaceful and PPB did not interact with the crowd other than two previously released incidents. See other releases for further information on those.

At about 9:15p.m., a march began on East Burnside Street from Laurelhurst Park involving about 200 people in the traffic lanes. The marched ended at the Penumbra Kelly Building at 4735 East Burnside Street, where the group stood blocking the road in both directions. At 10:28p.m., a house fire was reported near East Burnside Street and Southeast 57th Avenue. The Portland Fire Bureau had to reroute its responders around the blocked streets.

Over the course of hours, some members of the group began throwing objects at officers and flashing laser pointers, bright flashlights, and strobe lights in the officers' eyes. Officers instructed people to stay off the property. The same instructions were made via a loudspeaker and over PPB's Twitter account.

At about 11:30p.m., members of the crowd entered the Kelly Building property. Officers made an arrest. The officers making the arrests had numerous items thrown at them.

At 11:46p.m., due to criminal activity, the gathering was declared an unlawful assembly. After numerous instructions via loudspeaker, officers moved the crowd to the east. During the dispersal, the officers had paint balloons and other objects thrown at them. One officer was punched. Another was injured in the arm by a protester swinging a stick or baton. Another arrest was made. After moving the crowd several blocks, officers deployed inert smoke to allow officers to safely disengage.

Zachary Perry, 23, of Portland, was booked in the Multnomah County Detention Center on a charge of Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree.

Travis Hessel, 27, of Portland, was booked in the Multnomah County Detention Center on a charge of Assaulting a Public Safety Officer.

Some members of the gathering returned to the street outside of the Kelly Building and continued yelling at officers and flashing lights at them until about 1:30a.m. when they left the area.

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