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October 02, 2020 11:51


Driving during the month of October 2020. Throughout this last year the Portland Police Bureau has been fortunate to partner with Oregon Impact and the Oregon Transportation Safety Division; who have provided additional funds for patrols specifically looking for distracted drivers. This doesn't mean writing more citations--it means saving more lives.

Distracted driving is one of the fastest growing safety issues on the roads today. Distracted drivers aren't just a threat to themselves, they're a danger to everyone else on the road. The national distracted driving effort focuses on ways to change the behavior of drivers through legislation, enforcement, public awareness, and education.

There will be a nationwide mobilization campaign focusing on distracted driving this month from October 5 -- 12; and the Portland Police Bureau's Traffic Division will be taking part in this nationwide effort to help save lives.

As a reminder; the first time violation for Operating a Motor Vehicle while using a Mobile Communication Device will cost you up to $270.00 in Multnomah County. If you receive a second citation for this same violation the fine cost you up to $445.00, and if you are caught a third time you have now just committed a Class B Misdemeanor with a minimum fine of $2000 which could be imposed.

5 Texting while driving statistics you should know
1. Texting while driving is equivalent to driving after consuming 4 beers
2. Texting while driving you are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash
3. Texting while driving will take you an additional 5 seconds to react to an incident occurring in front of you
4. Texting while driving gives you the reactionary skills of a 70 year old adult
5. Texting while driving is the cause of 25% of all crashes

Do your part and learn from these statistics and help educate other about the dangers of Distracted Driving. Stay ALIVE....Don't Text and Drive!!!

The Portland Police Bureau is committed to working with our partners in government, and the community to create safer streets; working towards reducing, and eventually eliminating, traffic fatalities as part of our Vision Zero efforts. To learn more about the City of Portland's Vision Zero efforts, please visit:


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