PPB & MCSO Planning with Partners for Upcoming Elections

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October 16, 2020 10:01


The Portland Police Bureau and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office are working with local partners to prepare for Election Day and the days following. While there is not an identified threat to Portland related to the election, PPB and MCSO are preparing and coordinating with partners to increase public safety during this time.

In the past, some individuals and groups have gathered and marched following the election results, both in celebration and sometimes because they are angered or upset. In some instances, significant damage was done to local businesses, which did not change the election outcome, but hurt our community members.

PPB and MCSO will be increasing staffing on Election Day and the days following as a precaution. While we promote and support the exercise of the First Amendment rights to assemble and engage in free speech, engagement in criminal activity will not be tolerated.

Examples of criminal behavior that will not be tolerated include, but are not limited to:
* Impeding transportation by blocking streets and vehicular traffic. Pedestrians on or blocking freeways or major thoroughfares is extremely dangerous and poses a life safety risk.
* Lighting fires and burning materials,
* Vandalizing and damaging property,
* Assaultive behavior
* Unlawful weapons possession and/or use

PPB and MCSO's goal is to have a safe election season and we hope to do so without having to make any arrests.

PPB and MCSO will be working in coordination with local partners to keep the public informed about identified public safety information. To get the most up-to-date information, follow us on Twitter @PortlandPolice and @MultCoSO

If anyone has information about criminal activity that is being planned or is happening, call 9-1-1 in an emergency situation or (503) 823-3333 otherwise.

Multnomah County Elections is the lead agency for elections-related security. For information about election security, please visit: https://multco.us/multnomah-county/news/trust-security-vote-mail

"This election season has increased fear and uncertainty for many of our community members," said Chief Chuck Lovell. "We want our community to know we are prioritizing public safety by adding resources and collaboration during this important time. We ask for the public to help us by reporting criminal activity, staying informed, and engaging in lawful activities. Together, we can achieve a safe election season in Portland."

"Safe elections are critical to a healthy democracy. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to ensuring community members can safely exercise their right to vote and peacefully gather to engage in free speech events," said Sheriff Mike Reese.



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