Updates for Community on PPB Equity, Training, Hiring Practices and More

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April 06, 2021 13:27


The Portland Police Bureau has worked for many years to reform in a variety of areas and our work is not done. Here are some updates on some of the policies and practices we have reformed that have been at the forefront of community calls for action:

EQUITY-PPB has an Equity and Inclusion Office (EIO) that has been focusing on this important work for over 5 years. The EIO office has been implementing the Racial Equity Plan, established the PPB Equity Advisory Council, and most recently, has begun implementing training on anti-racism and equity lens training. The Equity Manager position reports directly to the Chief of Police so we can continue to prioritize this work within the Bureau. PPB created a position and hired an Equity Training Specialist who works to ensure that all PPB trainings are created to best serve our Portland community through equitable practices. Our Equity Training Specialist is working to create specific training opportunities for current bureau members and new educational experiences for incoming recruits on equity topics such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, houselessness, and disability.

TRAINING-PPB started training our employees on implicit bias several years ago. Since then, we implemented a follow up implicit bias training, procedural justice training, and have begun weaving these important concepts into our training scenarios. In addition, we have started training some members on the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) intervention training so they can teach other employees how to intervene to prevent harm by peers and coworkers if there is a situation where intervention is needed.

HIRING-PPB has been working with the EIO office and Personnel Division to identify where we can improve in our recruiting and hiring efforts with the goal of increasing diversity in our workforce. We need the public?s help in recruitment and encourage everyone to help us recruit the next generation of PPB sworn and professional staff.
POLICY-As part of the Settlement Agreement, PPB has been working with the Department of Justice to revise and improve our policies, including our force policy. PPB already required intervention by officers if they witness another officer acting unlawfully using force. PPB also has integrated de-escalation training into our policies and training curriculum.

OVERSIGHT/ACCOUNTABILITY-For many years, PPB has utilized a multi-tiered disciplinary process which includes civilian oversight and participation including the Independent Police Review, Citizen Review Committee and the Performance Review Board. The City is currently moving forward with different options on further potential changes to this system.
These are only a few highlights and there is much more in depth information available in this document: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/article/762929

"Since the death of George Floyd, there has been increased interest in how local police agencies hire, train, and hold employees accountable. It is important for us to share with the public the changes we continue to make to improve our service to meet their needs. It is critically important to me that every community member is provided police service that is excellent, fair, and just," said Chief Chuck Lovell. "I am proud of the employees within the Portland Police Bureau who continue to learn and grow to provide our community the service they want and deserve."



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