UPDATE: Arrest Information (Photo)

April 17, 2021 02:20


The following people were arrested, booked, and charged:
* Cameron Millar-Griffin, 24 years-old, from Portland- Riot, Criminal Mischief I, Resist Arrest, Disorderly Conduct II
* Theodore O?Brien, 22 years-old, from Portland-Criminal Mischief I
* Skye Sodja, 43 years-old, from Portland-Assault a Public Safety Officer, Disorderly Conduct II


Correction: 4 subjects were arrested. One was booked in jail, then released when investigators determined this was the appropriate course of action until further investigation could occur.


A group of an estimated 80-100 people gathered at Salmon Springs Fountain and marched over the Hawthorne Bridge to the East side of the Willamette River. After a brief march, they returned Downtown and arrived at the Justice Center. This group did not require police contact and dispersed on their own after a peaceful event. We appreciate this group?s ability to self-monitor and demonstrate peacefully.

A separate group of an estimated several hundred people started marching from Director?s Park at about 9:30 p.m. Participants in this march started breaking windows of businesses, including the Nordstrom, Verizon, Nike, the Oregon Historical Society and more. In addition to burglary and vandalism, individuals engaged in the crime of criminal mischief by damaging planters and applying graffiti. Looting was reported as well. Windows were also broken at the First Christian Church, a location known for their generosity in feeding over a thousand meals weekly to the homeless.

A riot was declared due to the widespread criminal activity. Warnings were provided via sound truck that a riot had been declared. The rioters were ordered to disperse and were warned they were subject to arrest and/or force.

Officers made focused arrests. Some of the individuals in the group were observed changing clothing in an attempt to disguise themselves and elude police actions.

At about 10:49 p.m., there were 79 holding police calls for service in the City of Portland, including priority welfare check calls, at least three calls of shots, a priority hit and run, and three burglaries. Two burglaries have been holding for over 13 hours. Police resources were stretched across the City to manage the calls for emergency calls for service and the riot.

Officers worked to encourage dispersal and make arrests when they could. In addition to the destruction to businesses and non-profits, multiple fires were set at various locations. Police Bureau Officers dispersed the crowds to allow Portland Fire & Rescue to gain access to the fire locations to safely extinguish them. Given the extreme fire hazard conditions, it was critical to get these fires extinguished before they spread.

At about midnight a portable toilet fire near SW 4th Avenue and Yamhill Street presented a significant life safety threat. The fire was near an occupied building and a propane tank, which increased the danger. Portland Fire & Rescue personnel responded and doused the fire.
A community member?s vehicle sustained a flattened tire when they struck a rebar spike device known as a "caltrop" while driving downtown. These devices have been used to target first responder vehicles during other events in the past.

Four people were taken into custody due to their criminal behavior observed during the event. Information on their identities and charges will be updated in a later release when it is available. Investigations are still on-going.

During the dispersal, pepper spray was deployed. No CS was deployed.

"Damage to businesses hurts our City. Our community has made it clear that it will not tolerate wanton violence and destruction" said Acting Chief Chris Davis. "No one is entitled to break windows, set fires, or attack police officers. If you choose to participate in this kind of criminal activity, you can expect to be arrested and prosecuted. None of this destruction tonight has anything to do with the important work of racial justice and reconciliation our community and our nation need at this critical time in our history."

-PF&R Spokesperson provided the following statement, "Our mission statement is focused on life safety. Initial reports stated personnel have been in the affected buildings which drives our suppression actions specifically. Portland Fire and Rescue are concerned with the safety of the public entirely and the need for unity moving forward."



The Portland Police Bureau is aware that individuals are planning a so called "direct action" event this evening at Director Park (with a 9 p.m. march). Such events have historically included wanton destruction of public and private property, violence and the active threat of harm by thrown or propelled objects, fire and impact weapons. Similarly advertised events promoted and then engaged in arson and riots.

Exacerbating the danger is the news that Multnomah County is now under a National Weather Service Red Flag Warning for extreme fire danger due to dry conditions, heat, and high winds. If any burning is attempted, it could cause extreme risk to life safety.

Due to the added concern regarding fire hazard, this incident is under the Unified Command of the Portland Police Bureau and Portland Fire & Rescue. Incident Command will take the elevated danger into account when responding to reports of fire.

The event advertised tonight may take place in or near the Downtown neighborhood. In the past, violent crowds have targeted the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, the Justice Center (including the Multnomah County Detention Center and Portland Police Central Precinct), the Multnomah County Courthouse, City Hall, and other facilities. Crimes have in the past included arson and other violent acts in the neighborhood. Advertised direct action events have disrupted major thoroughfares in Downtown, including bridges, interfering with emergency response by Portland Fire & Rescue to incidents not related to the direct action. Fliers for one of tonight?s events suggest that participants want to disrupt traffic on a bridge.

The Portland Police Bureau continues to strengthen relationships and partnerships with community members interested in just and equitable police service. During the last year, employees of the Portland Police Bureau have repeatedly met with and heard from members of this community who overwhelmingly decry destruction and violence and support appropriate and immediate police response to criminal activity.

Community members who wish to demonstrate are always encouraged to do so, lawfully. The Portland Police Bureau is dedicated to supporting people's right to lawfully assemble.

Plans are underway for a police response to any violence or criminal activity that threatens the safety of community members or public employees or public or private property. People who engage in criminal activity are subject to the use of force and arrest.

For updates, please follow the Twitter feeds of the Portland Police Bureau @portlandpolice and Portland Fire & Rescue @pdxfire .



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