Possible direct action event downtown - Portland Police encourage lawful assembly, peaceful gatherings

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

April 18, 2021 20:12


The Portland Police Bureau is aware of social media posts regarding a so called "direct action" event as early as 8:00 p.m. on April 18, 2021 in downtown Portland, possibly beginning in Chapman Square Park. Such events have historically included wanton destruction of public and private property, violence and the active threat of harm by thrown or propelled objects, fire and impact weapons. Similarly advertised events promoted and then engaged in arson and riots.

The Portland Police Bureau continues to strengthen relationships and partnerships with community members interested in just and equitable police service. During the last year, employees of the Portland Police Bureau have repeatedly met with and heard from members of this community who overwhelmingly decry destruction and violence and support appropriate and immediate police response to criminal activity.

Community members who wish to demonstrate are always encouraged to do so, lawfully. The Portland Police Bureau is dedicated to supporting people's right to lawfully assemble.
Portland Police will monitor activity downtown to determine what response may be appropriate, especially regarding to any violence or criminal activity that threatens the safety of community members or public employees or public or private property. People who engage in criminal activity are subject to the use of force and arrest.

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