Acting Chief Davis' Statement Regarding Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

April 20, 2021 15:08


The verdict of the Derek Chauvin criminal case is in and there are a range of emotions across the nation and our community in response. I agree with the Minneapolis Chief of Police who said that Derek Chauvin?s actions were beyond the bounds of the law and what we expect of police officers in the performance of their duties. The encounter with George Floyd that resulted in his death spurred a critical mass across the country demanding police reform and accountability. All community members should be treated with fairness, equity, dignity and professionalism no matter their race.

Many community members will want to make their voices heard and might march and demonstrate, and we encourage and support the lawful exercise of First Amendment rights. Those who think it is acceptable to put others? lives and livelihoods at risk through dangerous acts of violence and destruction are not furthering the cause for system change, but setting our entire community back by tearing it apart. This is not advancing any racial justice.

While the Portland Police Bureau has been working for many years on reforms in our pursuit for fair and equitable police service to our training, accountability system, and our practices, our work is not done. It remains a priority for us to continue this work with our community. We are committed to working to find ways to heal, identify areas where improvements are needed, and work toward a better future together.



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