UPDATE #2: Photos of Damage to Crosswalk Signals (Photo)

April 22, 2021 00:45


This update includes new photos of graffiti to the Justice Center, as well as photos of a suspect dismantling crosswalk signals. The suspect is dressed in all black except for a neon orange facemask. The video of the criminal mischief is available here:


If anyone has information about this suspect, please contact crimetips@portlandoregon.gov .



On Wednesday, April 21, 2021, The Portland Police Bureau was monitoring a "direct action" event in Downtown Portland starting at Chapman Square Park.

At about 8:30p.m., a group of approximately 15-20 demonstrators gathered near the Justice Center at the intersection of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street. A fire was started in the street shortly after the group gathered (photo). There was some effort to build the fire up, but it did not take off. Portland Police and Portland Fire & Rescue monitored the fire due to concerns about the dry weather conditions and potential fire spread. A burn ban remains in effect in Multnomah County.

By 9:20 p.m., the size of the group had grown to approximately 30-40 people. The group then moved to the front of the Justice Center and were blocking vehicular traffic at the intersection of Southwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest Main Street. Individuals in the group began spray painting the walls of the Justice Center and pointing red lasers at the exterior cameras on the building.

At about 10:00p.m., the group began to march through the streets of Downtown Portland. They went several blocks, then looped back. Two crosswalk signals were damaged at Southwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest Madison Street. At this time, there has been no additional reports of property damage stemming from the direct action. No arrests were made. Most of the group wandered away by 10:30p.m.

Community members who wish to demonstrate are always encouraged to do so lawfully. The Portland Police Bureau is dedicated to supporting people's right to speak and assemble.

For updates, please follow the Twitter feeds of the Portland Police Bureau https://twitter.com/PortlandPolice and Portland Fire & Rescue https://twitter.com/PDXFire .



The Portland Police Bureau has learned of another "direct action" event this evening in Downtown Portland. Information posted to social media suggests that anarchist groups plan to gather around 7 p.m. at Chapman Square Park, located at Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street. While gathering and exercising free speech is legal, constitutional and encouraged, criminal activity is not. The same flyer used to advertise Tuesday night?s direct action event is circulating tonight (see photo).

The flyer asks for people to wear all black, in an attempt to conceal their identities and make identifying people engaging in criminal activity more challenging. They also want people to leave cameras behind, an indication that some individuals intend to commit crimes and do not want there to be video or photographic evidence. On Tuesday night, open source information suggested some individuals capturing video were chased out of the area. A phrase on the flyer, "be water," suggests they intend to move rapidly to try to avoid law enforcement. Such events have historically included deliberate destruction of public and private property, threatening or intimidating behavior and violence, such as throwing dangerous objects, starting fires and weapons. Similarly, individuals at advertised events have engaged in arson and riots. Use of fire is particularly concerning because the burn ban has been extended due to continued hot and dry weather conditions.

Portland Police will monitor activity downtown to determine what response may be appropriate, especially if any violence or criminal activity takes place that threatens the safety of community members, public employees or to public or private property. People who engage in criminal activity are subject to the use of force and arrest.

Tuesday night, while working to protect people and property in Downtown Portland, officers developed probable cause to arrest 24-year-old Kenneth Harold for felony Criminal Mischief. While looking for Harold, 36-year-old Randy Gray punched a Portland Police sergeant in the head without warning. The sergeant fell to the ground and landed in a dangerous position underneath Gray. Officers came to his aid. The sergeant was treated at the scene for non-life-threatening injuries, including pain and swelling to the face.

"Portland Police personnel will be working extended shifts tonight to help keep the city safe. There are those who continue to engage in destruction and PPB will focus on arrests of those responsible," said Acting Chief Chris Davis. "Last night an assault on one of our sergeants was reprehensible. We ask for those who want to demonstrate to do so peacefully--breaking windows, lighting fires and assaulting others does not further any racial justice movement."

Downtown is not only the heart of the city of Portland, but there are many people who live and work there. Many businesses, both large and small, operate there. Direct action events have disrupted accessibility to the downtown community and interfered with emergency responses to incidents not related to demonstrations. The public should plan to encounter traffic impacts in the area.

Direct action events draw a significant amount of resources, including patrol officers, supervisors, detectives, and more, away from emergency calls elsewhere across the city. This forces PPB to prioritize incidents that present a danger to life safety. Lower priority calls may not be answered until direct action events end and resources are available. We ask for patience from our community. It may take more time to get to you. If possible, please report incidents online at https://portlandpolice.com . Or, if possible, try calling at a later time when appropriate.

For updates, please follow the Portland Police Bureau on Twitter @portlandpolice .



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