Woman Injures Portland Police Officer with her Car - Crashes after Pursuit in Centennial Neighborhood

Woman Injures Portland Police Officer with her Car - Crashes after Pursuit in Centennial Neighborhood

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August 12, 2012 11:35


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On Sunday August 12, 2012, at 6:24 a.m., Portland Police officers assigned to East Precinct responded to the 15400 block of Southeast Harrison Street on the report of a suspicious woman parked in front of a vacant house. The caller described the vehicle as a silver sedan and the woman as a white female in her 20s, heavy build, gray sweatshirt, black pants, and that she "looks high."

Officers contacted the 20-year-old woman as she sat in the driver's seat of the car, parked in the driveway of 15420 Southeast Harrison Street. As officers talked to her through the open driver's side door, the woman became very confrontational with the officers.

The woman started the car and quickly drove in reverse, striking an officer with the open door, knocking him backwards onto the ground into some bushes.

The officer got up and got into his car with his partner and the officers attempted to catch up to the woman who was speeding away eastbound on Harrison Street then southbound on 156th Avenue towards Division Street.

At Southeast 143rd Avenue and Division Street, the woman crashed into a telephone pole and was ejected from the vehicle. Medical personnel responded and transported the woman to a Portland hospital with critical injuries.

The officer, a five-year-veteran, received minor injuries as a result of being hit by the door of the car.

At this point, the Traffic Division and Assault detectives are conducting a joint investigation into the assault on the officer and the crash and no charges have been made at this time.

The woman's name will be released after it's confirmed her family has been notified of her injuries.


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