UPDATE: Street Racing Efforts Results in Arrests, Citations, and Tows (Photo)

October 25, 2021 17:23


The Portland Police Bureau was able to limit the dangerous street racing/takeovers this weekend, and officers utilized the new city ordinance that provides an additional tool to limit this activity.

With help from our partners at the Oregon State Police, officers made multiple arrests, wrote citations, and towed cars.

On Saturday night, there were 4 arrests and two cars towed.

On Sunday night, which was billed online as the larger event involving participants from out of state, the participants gathered in multiple places including Southeast 48th Avenue and Southeast Division Street, the 1500 block of Northeast Killingsworth Street, various areas around Northeast Grand Avenue and Northeast Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, and a parking garage of Lloyd Center (1600 block of Northeast Multnomah Street). The group took over a two-block area around Northeast 12th Avenue and Northeast Glisan Street (video available here: https://youtu.be/M8ZSMa6FOIo ). A large police response prompted the group to leave after about 20 minutes. Smaller groups of participants reconstituted around Northeast 122nd Avenue at Northeast Airport Way and the 6300 block of North Marine Drive.

The group appeared to be coordinated and intent on a large takeover. But the police presence had the desired effect of deterring a large-scale intersection or bridge takeover, which would clearly thwart equitable use of city streets.

On Sunday night, 29 traffic stops were made, there were 4 arrests (including 2 Reckless Driving/Unlawful Street Takeover, 1 DUII, 1 Driving While Revoked-Felony), 5 cars towed, 19 citations written, and countless educational conversations.

As a reminder, Chief Chuck Lovell spoke about the dangers of street racing and the importance of the new city ordinance in a recent public service announcement. It can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deRK7PraeEo

Photo descriptions (all from this weekend):
1. A motorcycle officer stopped behind a vehicle being loaded onto a tow truck
2. A sedan being towed
3. A white coupe stopped by a police officer


The Portland Police Bureau is again joining with our law enforcement partners to combat illegal and dangerous street racing/sliding/takeovers as events are planned this weekend. Police, including the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office and Oregon State Police, will be out enforcing a new city ordinance which provides additional tools to help stop this unsafe behavior.

PPB has learned that street racing participants, including some from out of town, are planning to gather tonight and tomorrow night. We remind participants that this illegal activity can result in jailtime, fines, and towed vehicles.

PPB has previously released a video about this ordinance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrAt64cihw4

In addition to state statutes, Portland City Code addresses this dangerous activity.

1. Unlawful street takeover event means an activity that is:
a. Unpermitted;
b. Preplanned or contemporaneously coordinated by two or more persons; and
c. Involves one or more persons demonstrating, exhibiting, or comparing the maneuverability or power of one or more motor vehicles in a curved direction, in a circular direction, or around corners, including but not limited to by breaking traction in a curved or circular direction or around corners

2. A person commits the offense of an Unlawful Street Takeover if, in a public place or upon a highway, the person knowingly operates a motor vehicle while engaged in an unlawful street takeover event

3. 1. Highway means the entire width of a public right-of-way when any portion thereof is intended for motor vehicle movement or motor vehicle access to abutting property.

3.2. Public place means an area, whether publicly or privately owned, generally open to the public and includes, without limitation, the grounds surrounding buildings or dwellings, streets, sidewalks, bridges, tunnels, alleys, plazas, parks, driveways, and parking lots.

See the full ordinance here: https://www.portland.gov/code/14/a30/080

The Portland Police Bureau will continue its efforts in educating community members about the dangers of speed racing. This education will be conducted on our social media platforms and through one-on-one conversations with participants. Enforcement action will also continue against individuals who are suspected of committing these types of crimes.

Irresponsible driving practices can have a deadly outcome. There have been at least 59 activations of PPB's Major Crash Team and 52 traffic related fatalities within the City of Portland this year.

Every year, Portland Police officers respond to preventable collisions. These collisions can deeply impact those involved, their families and loved ones.



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