Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Detectives Solve 2002 Case

Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Detectives Solve 2002 Case

January 04, 2013 13:00


The Portland Police Bureau's Cold Case Homicide Unit has cleared a 2002 homicide case after learning that the suspect died in 2010.

The investigation started on January 22, 2002, when Portland Police officers responded to assist medical personnel at a residence in the 3700 block of Southeast Division Street. Officers at the scene could see that the victim, 66-year-old Jack Harvey Jones, had visible head trauma.

Homicide investigators had little additional information to go on and eventually the case went cold.

In 2011, the Cold Case Homicide Unit received new information from two different sources, both claiming that then-37-year-old James Edward Follett admitted that he'd killed Jack Jones. Follett's name came up in the original investigation but there was no witness corroboration that would have allowed detectives to make an arrest.

Detectives were able to corroborate the new information and learned that the motive appeared to be a robbery as the suspect, James Follett, was a heavy drug user and prior to the homicide was asking for money from neighbors.

James Follett died of a drug overdose in December 2010.

Although the suspect in this case died before investigators were able to close the case, it's important to recognize that witnesses stepping forward with information is the key to helping solve cases. Additionally, witness information can help detectives in providing some measure of closure to family members and friends of homicide victims.

The Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit is comprised of a Sergeant and three Detectives who are assisted by a few retired investigators who volunteer their time to assist in solving cases.

The Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit has a close partnership with the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office and the Oregon State Police Crime Lab.

The Portland Police Bureau has nearly 300 unsolved murders dating back to 1969.

The Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit's slogan is: "We don't give up. We never give up."


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