Prolific Portland Area Tagger Sentenced to a Year in Prison

Prolific Portland Area Tagger Sentenced to a Year in Prison

February 04, 2013 11:10


On Friday February 1, 2013, 33-year-old Isaiah Joel Schwebke was sentenced to one year in jail by a Multnomah County Circuit Court judge for violating the provisions of his graffiti related probation.

Schwebke, a habitual tagger since 1996, caught the attention of Portland Police Bureau Graffiti Investigators when they saw evidence of his personal moniker illegally applied on private properties in the cities of Wilsonville and Tigard, Oregon.

Schwebke recently began targeting locations outside the City of Portland after he was placed on probation in Multnomah County in 2009 for a graffiti related arrest and conviction.

Over the last 15 years, Schwebke has been linked to graffiti incidents in Oregon, California, Washington State, Georgia and Alaska. His sentence includes one year in jail, extended probation, and $2,300 in restitution.

The Portland Police Bureau is encouraging residents or businesses who may suffer tagging damage to first file an online police report at

If the damage is graffiti, check the "vandalism" box and click the link "To Report Graffiti..." which will take you to an online form where victims can upload pictures.

There is also an iPhone/Android app available for graffiti reporting called "PDX Reporter". Additional information about graffiti can be found at

After making the report, residents and businesses are asked to remove any unwanted stickers or graffiti within 24 hours.


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