Prolific Bicycle Thief Arrested by Central Precinct Officers

Prolific Bicycle Thief Arrested by Central Precinct Officers

October 17, 2013 23:11


On October 15, 2013 Central Precinct's Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) arrested 56-year-old Robert Charles Dady on multiple theft charges in connection with several bicycle thefts in Downtown Portland. Dady was booked into the Multnomah County Jail.

This investigation began on September 4, 2013, when a victim of a bike theft called the Portland Police after having seen a suspect riding his stolen bicycle, which had been taken from the 24 Hour Fitness located in the Pearl District.

Over the past few weeks, NRT officers worked with employees at the 24 Hour Fitness Pearl District location, Powell's Books on West Burnside Street, and the World Trade Center in Downtown Portland. Each location had seen an unusual rise in bike thefts.

By reviewing surveillance footage, officers were able to identify Dady as the suspect. Officers reviewed additional reports where Dady was found to be in possession of bicycles. These reports were provided by patrol officers and security officers from the Downtown Clean and Safe District. Officers were able to identify some of these bicycles as being listed as stolen on the Stolen Bicycle Registry.

Through the investigation, officers were able to determine that Dady used wire cutters to cut cable locks on many of the bikes that were stolen.

Portland Police would like to remind bicyclists to take some proactive measures to protect their bike:

* Use U-Locks! Most stolen bikes reported having a cable lock that was broken and left at the scene; very few bikes using U-locks were reported stolen.

* Individuals living in secure residential apartments should not leave their bikes outside their rooms in the hallways or unlocked in the basement. Either lock it with a U-lock in the basement or keep it inside your personal apartment. Additionally, do not assume your secured business area is secure either - always lock your bike.

* Consider double locking, especially in areas where bike theft is common.

* Take a photo of your bike - if stolen, you can post the specific information and photo on has teamed up with to help battle against bike thieves

In July 2013, the Portland Police Bureau released a new video to help community members understand measures they can take to recover a bicycle if it's stolen or missing:

If you know your serial number and want to find out if your bike is at the Property Evidence Division, call 503-823-2179. If your bike has been stolen, please file a report online at



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